Artiste by nature, interpreter by design, Moses Morales invites us to experience his contemporary world through the stroke of his brush.

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WBM: Who is Moses Morales?

MOSES: I am a islander expressing my life as a contemporary fine artist.

WBM: Where are you from?

MOSES: I was born in Winchester Virginia, spent my toddler years in Oldfield Missouri, my elementary years were spent in St. Croix, my late elementary years were in S. Florida, my middle school years in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and my high School years in St. Croix where I graduated at Good Hope School.

WBM: Interest(s)?

MOSES: Exposing the truth about life to implement hope, living life artfully, enlightenment, consciousness, spirituality, and scuba diving!

WBM: How’d you get involved in art?

MOSES: I’ve always been painting, drawing, and exploring life since childhood.

WBM: When did you know this was something you wanted to pursue?

MOSES: After creating my Cane Cutter series in high school I realized how art impacted my audience and I knew I had to be involved in art.

WBM: What does it mean to be an artiste in 2012?

MOSES: Art is always changing,evolving, and reflecting the times. I find it particularly pressing in 2012 to reveal and reevaluate intricacies of the foundation of society as we are rapidly accelerating towards extinction.

WBM: What are some of the things that inspire you?

MOSES: Following your heart, being true to one another, finding beauty in the simplest of pleasures, sensing and utilizing spirituality.

WBM: Why does what you do matter?

MOSES: My art is ultimately a manifestation of my honest hopes and emotions. This is important because our society has implemented monetary gain as the most important aspect of life instead of living.

WBM: You have a show coming up in Miami, mind telling us a little about it?

MOSES: Cynergi Collection is a group art show during Art Basel week at a new venue at Cynergi in the Wynwood arts district of Miami. The show is curated by Ada Balcacer.

WBM: You have a very distinct style. How did growing up on St. Croix influence your style?

MOSES: Growing up on St. Croix was tremendous for my art. The feelings of nature, the richness of the culture, and distinctive passion of the people was very inspiring for my work.

WBM: Define success.

MOSES: Success to me is having the ability to continually seek happiness rigorously and enjoy oneself along the way.

WBM: Biggest accomplishment?

MOSES: I found the secret truth to sustaining my practice. Consistency, determination, and trusting my heart.

WBM: What’s one thing that many don’t know about you?

MOSES: My father delivered me at home.

WBM: What’s next?

MOSES: Use every last drop of time to make as much work as possible.

WBM: Any advice for those looking to pursue their goals and dreams?

MOSES: Listen to your hearts desires, not what people tell you.

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FACEBOOK: /mosesmoralesart