Keeping the spirit of National Poetry Month alive, we have your WBM First Listen of “Monologion” off of the recently released LP things that happen at day // things that happen at night by Milo. These are the sort of rhymes that erode the suffocating odes to the material with the humble gentleness of a true poet. Milo is inspiring in his introspection and his reflection on being present in a state of flux.

“I’m going to learn to write rap in a whisper”, he delivers with the subtlest of commentary. Sure, he writes reference that’s not always accessible, but isn’t that a beautiful thing about poetry? His rap challenges you with no demands, only a hope that maybe you’ll listen and make something of it, maybe you’ll venture where he’s been, and maybe the things he has seen will affect you in ways that move you beyond the framework. If you pull back the curtain, what will you find?

If you want to think, listen to Milo.

For more information on Milo:

LAST.FM: /Milo

Album artwork by Jee-Shaun Wang.


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