WBM: Can you tell me a bit about your current single, “Get It Party”? If there are specific stories behind the creation of it, how long was the process of putting it together, your favorite part of putting it together, and the message you hope listeners will get?

MIKE: (Stands up and throws hands in the air) I LOVE THIS SONG! Okay, the producers London Smilez and Rahpid of Basement 51, who are based in Chicago, sent me this track and I went crazy! But I didn’t write to it immediately. I think I was scared of the story I wanted to tell. But when I finally did, the lyrics ran onto the page like water. The way the track made me feel reminded me of the music we use to get laughed at for making. So I did half of the song and knew I needed London’s vibe on the track because he experienced what I did with the whole music thing. So we linked at a studio in New York and from there, POW!

We let people know to have whatever kind of party you want in life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hipster party, rave, or black tie affair. Whatever YOU like is cool. DO YOU! You could possibly be the face of change, so go for it! And when I say party, you can also substitute that word for the kind of job you want to have, or the kind of personality you have, or how you dress. Just imagine, if I listened to the people who didn’t believe in my music back then, we wouldn’t be having a “Get It Party” right now!

So I thought this was the perfect introduction record for what’s to come! But I would have to say, just working in the studio with London had to be my favorite part. Because of our locations, we don’t get to do that often. And even the scenes in the music video when we’re performing together: its like freakin’ magic. I know it sounds corny, but it’s like it was all meant to be, like we’ve been doing this for 50 years or something (laughs).

WBM: What do you hope to bring to the music industry as an artist?

MIKE: Once again, change. I think that’s important. Not one person is the same. And I think that’s okay. Not one person has the same story. And I think that’s okay. And I want to let everyone know its okay. If I could, I would put this whole world in a bag and shake it up. I think it’s fine to look like Jay-Z and listen to Britney Spears; and I think it’s okay to look like Britney Spears and listen to Lil’ Wayne, you know.

Oh yeah, and a killer stage show! I think I’m kind of sick in that department. (Whispers) But don’t tell anybody though. (Laughs) But before I go, I want to congratulate Why Blue Matters on all your success, and thank you guys for your constant support with the Mike☆Star Project. I know our missions are similar so it means a lot to be able to come together to make history.

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