There’s a certain place that only a handful recording artists are able to go. If you close your eyes and listen close enough, you can travel to some of the same places where creativity meets experience and takes shape. Emcee and master of modern nostalgia, Kane Mayfield is, truth be told, one of those artists that can consistently take you on an audible journey. His words–poignant. His thoughts–insightful. Together, the two form lyrics that deliver you in time capsules up to the moment of every emotion, and drop immediately onto the soundscape of each rhyme.

This time however, Kane gives the world another facet of himself that not only allows him to shine, but also further solidifies why he’s an emerging star. Once his light captures your attention, you can’t help but want to see where he’s going next. With this WBM First Listen, check out “Middle Class”, the latest release from his Rhymes by Kane project. Despite what you may think of successful artists and the pedestal that many place these titans on, “Middle Class” shows him in a way that is very much human. You can’t help but reflect on your own personal struggle and connect with Kane’s, as this song brings fans that much closer to understanding who he is while bringing the new listener to a place of appreciation for his craft, and ultimately to a place of wanting to hear more.

Hit that play button.

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