Mélat is an inspiring new sound in R&B. Her sound is modern with an eclectic fusion of soul and electronica. Truly representing this canvas we call America and the dream we strive for, Mélat is the daughter Ethiopian immigrants and native born in Austin, Texas. Fusing a sound that imparts a narrative while musically enticing and inspiring the listener, Mélat shares a story that tells of her very own experiences. Mélat is hardly hindered although English is her second language, her music translates as true and simple. The sound mirrors what is in her heart and she speaks from her soul on subjects ranging from love, lust, success, to failure. She captures the essence of what is it to “be” in her sound. Her EP Canon Ourania: The Illumination is available now.


Are you inspired by your own life experiences?




Image Credit: http://www.beholdmelat.com