Photo Credit: MTV

So here we go again. MTV’s main man, Sway started his well-known “Hottest MC’s in the Game” list. With much anticipation and trash talking about who’s already on the list. The number one spot was announced last night at 10pm ET on MTV Jams. Now before we get to the good stuff and talk about who won, let us just go ahead and say who didn’t make number one.

Kanye West made the top 10 but he came extra short and ended up placing at seven, and he was not happy about that. Sway played a snippet of an interview where Kanye freely expressed his opinion as usual. Saying, “I said lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team”, then he said “Ain’t no bar in the entire past 12 months is hotter than that bar”.  I mean that line did have everybody going crazy, and it is carrying a little weight on Chris Humphries rep right now.

Not only did Kanye feel the need to speak his mind. ASAP Rocky felt it was necessary to voice his opinion on a radio interview. He really wasn’t shy about reminding people of the influence he’s had on hip hop within the past two years. He said “ I’ve been directing my own videos since I was 22. I’m 24, I brought gold back, who brought back the John Lennon shades, who brought gold teeth back, come on man”.

There has definitely been some controversy over this list, but when artist like Meek Mills makes number 10 and other artist like Future make nine you might go hmmm? Is this a list for hottest MC or hottest rapper? Either way both the G.O.O.D News, and Self Made camp went strong on this list. With Rick Ross placing three and 2Chainz placing two (which is kind of funny).

That left number one wide open for Kendrick Lamar, which wasn’t a bad choice at all. His album is so crazy beyond words, and he was creating it since he was 13 according to his interview after finding out he won. This was a very good pick. Plus technically he is an MC.