In Manny Pacquiao’s last Foot Locker commercial, it seemed he found out the fight that everyone wanted to see, between Floyd Mayweather, Jr Vs Manny Pacquiao, was finally going to happen. Except it wasn’t really, but no one bothered to tell Manny it was just a commercial for the #WeekOfGreatness. But now that fight IS happening, even though this is still a Foot Locker commercial. See what I mean below and get a chuckle.

See the previous Commercial from November 2014 Below:

Nothing could make Manny Pacquiao more excited than the Week of Greatness being back at Foot Locker. Well, maybe one thing. Involving one other person agreeing to something. Something that everyone wants. Maybe something like that. If it’s at Foot Locker, it’s Approved. #WeekOfGreatness