Black Friday! Wow – the madness… For the first time I decided to not focus on the millions of sales in which everyone goes crazy for, since that would be stating the obvious of what the day stands for! I don’t know about you ladies, but I can’t get over how sexy a man looks when wearing a skinny black tie. This is an accessory item that I believe is a must in every man’s wardrobe. Therefore; I’ve associated the skinny black tie with black Friday to create this article for everyone to enjoy!

I had the pleasure & honor of sitting down with someone that is the epitome of sexy… Ladies meet Chris Tarling. Aside from having impeccable style, which is why I’ve decided to honor him as the “Man Of The Hour”, he has an English accent…

Now before I share more information on Mr. Tarling with all of you, let me give you a bit of background on ties – which is a staple in Chris’s wardrobe when going to the office – and the industry in general given to us by fashion mogul: Rachel Park of Rachel Park Designs.

The brand was created as to Rachel, men’s ties blend exciting colors, striking textures, bold prints, and contrast linings with an old wardrobe staple and dare men not to conform. Since most men in business must wear one, why not have some fun doing it? Rachel Park Designs are handmade and exquisitely detailed. Chris had the chance to receive one from this incredible designer & shares his fashion tips as well as his industry background which makes him that much more interesting.

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WBM: How did your background lead you to where you are today?

CHRIS: I have a BSc Industrial Design with Professional Development from Brunel University, London. I successfully completed work experience for nearly 2 years at Proctor and Gamble, Egham Innovations site. This gave me the hands on skills to truly understand how things are made that consumers take for granted every day.

WBM: Describe in one paragraph max, your job to me.

CHRIS: My job as Senior Project Designer is to lead a design team both in NY and HK to work on projects for some of the world’s largest cosmetics brands. This involves brainstorming cool innovations all the time which come from advances in materials, technology and also formulations.

CHRIS: I always found myself wanting to take things apart and understand how things worked at a young age. As I grew and I saw more of the world and technology advanced it got my creative juices flowing even more. After good guidance from my teachers at Tring Secondary School, I went to Brunel University in West London. I completed an BSc Industrial Design with Professional Development which included a year in industry. This year in industry was the most important thing because nothing can beat time using the skills you have learnt for so many years.

WBM: What is a key lesson you’ve learned along the way?

CHRIS: There are two key lessons I have learnt along the way:

1) Never lie about deadlines or being overloaded with work – Speak up and tell the truth, if you lie you always have to remember what you lied about.

2) Never take it too personally – some people won’t like my designs, others will love it. As long as I put 110% into my work and really learn my customer’s needs in theory I can deliver a great piece of work that I can be proud of.

WBM: Think of these four characteristics of entrepreneurs: heart, smart, guts, luck. Which one were you?

CHRIS: Heart – I love that I am like my dad who wears his heart on his sleeve. Agreed this means you can get hurt easily but it also means that you can work harder, achieve more and also remain true to good family values so I consider this one of the strongest things.

WBM: What has been your highest moment in the beauty industry and your lowest?

CHRIS: Highest point 1) To win two awards for designing Clinique’s Lid Smoothie metal tip. The awards were giving at Bologna, Italy, Cosmoprof 2012 show and also a packaging design awards in Monaco, 2012.

Highest point 2) To design a vintage mirror for Mirabella Cosmetics. It looked so beautiful when produced and really felt so luxury.

Lowest point, that’s a tough one, I don’t really have a super low point in design because I am always wanting to learn new things and striving to do better. I have low points with sometimes not getting the right balance of work and relaxation but now’s the time to work hard and grow. I guess it’s due to good friends and family that things always never seem too bad.

WBM: Where do you see yourself in five years?

CHRIS: I will be either running a design firm with some close partners I have met along the way or two other options I have considered is moving to Rio, Brazil or staying with my current company and growing to US lead designer. All are good options and once I set mind to it, then it will definitely happen.

WBM: Who currently is your style icon?

CHRIS: Jon Hamm, Don Drapper from Madmen or Daniel Craig in James Bond attire are both great examples of a gentleman’s look with rugged desire.

WBM: Fashion item you can’t live without?

CHRIS: Skinny Black Tie and Tie Clip. is the best website ever for gents shopping. GQ Magazine uses it all the time.