When not creating content for Are You The Reason, creative downtime includes recharging and refreshing the mind with a run. So as an avid runner who typically goes out for 2-3 mile treks at a time, I typically like to listen to tunes to accompany my swift yet long strides. The only problem is I haven’t found the ideal pair of earphones. They’re either too big for my small ears, have a horrible sound output or are of poor quality and aren’t the most durable. However, long gone are the days of crappy sound.

Tough Tested Headphones

Recently gifted my way, I took great delight in trying Tough Tested, a pair earphones from the Mizco audio collection. Much to my surprise, sound has never been so clean and my runs never so smooth without the worry of a bud falling out of my ear or worst, the infamous crazy cord hang. With four signature types to choose from (Marine, Ranger, Jobsite and Driver), for my listening and running pleasure, the Marine pair was my choice audio companion.


What’s so amazing about Tough Tested is that regardless of your ear size, they have components that whether your ears are on the larger side or little bitty things like mine, they have regular buds that can be swapped out for conical shaped ones for a nice fit inside the ear. This coupled with their ear hook, provides the best support that virtually eliminates any worry that the right or left ear piece is going to pop out at any given time. And just to test that out, I increased the frequency of my stride to quick sprint – and just like that, no displacement.

Tough Tested

Happy runner here!