At times a double take makes you do a double tap. So we thought it only best to highlight the most unique and absolutely amazing individuals that capture nothing but hearts across social media. Might yours be taken?

If words could be personified, lifestyle blogger, stylist and photographer Micah Gianneli would be the embodiment of most perfect love song or poem ever written (as you can see from the IG video, Micah is indeed poetry in motion). At first sight, you can’t help but be rendered speechless. I know we were! Not only because of her stunning good looks, but also for the way her keen sense of style expresses itself artfully through her work, Micah defies the places where fashion can go and the heights it can reach. She exudes an energy that literally emits from every photo and video to inspire people by hundreds of thousands. On a swag meter of 1 to 10, Micah is on a thousand trillion. So if that’s not 3 heart eyed emojis and a double tap we don’t know what else is.

For More On Micah Giannelli: @micahgiannelli on IG & @micahgiannelli on Twitter

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