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Defined not by the work he has done, but rather by everything he presently does, philanthropist and entrepreneur Lotay Yang is truly an inspiration. This is not something he intended, as his inspiration to others is the result of an unyielding passion to give and to serve. Whether through the Black Card Circle and Foundation, of which he is the founder, or through sharing his insight with the people he connects with on a daily basis in his social networks, Lotay Yang is amazing. For the next few minutes, let’s get that much closer to Lotay Yang, a great man of faith, vision and gratitude, and also our next reason Why Blue Matters.

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WBM: In a few words, who is Lotay Yang?

LOTAY: Someone who cares.

WBM: Where are you from?

LOTAY: The United States of America, though I travel frequently!

WBM: Has business always been something of interest to you?

LOTAY: No, my interest has been to help people, especially the underdogs in society, since I grew up as an underdog in the United States.

WBM: What prompted the development of your foundation the Black Card Circle?

LOTAY: My father’s death when I was younger inspired me to continue his memory by creating a non-profit organization to honor his kindness and graciousness towards others, and to continue spreading his love for people!

WBM: When did you know this was something you wanted to pursue?

LOTAY: It was an immediate thought when I learned that he had passed away in a car accident.

WBM: Who or what are some of the things that inspire you?

LOTAY: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, and Jesus are my three primary role models in life. In business, I strive to be as intelligent in investments as Warren Buffet and as savvy in creating cherished memories as Steve Jobs.

WBM: When not traveling and impacting the world in such a positive way, what does your down time consist of?

LOTAY: I am spending more time getting closer to God by reading the Holy Bible; my favorite books in the Bible are Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes! They’re great reads: so full of inspiration, motivation, and wisdom!

WBM: Explain the significance that martial arts has in your life?

LOTAY: Martial arts has taught me the importance of discipline, friendship, commitment, and persevering through both physical pain and emotional pain. Don’t quit; don’t ever quit, no matter how much the pain, because giving up is never really an option!

WBM: How has the journey been to where you are currently?

LOTAY: Extremely eventful!

WBM: Any challenges?

LOTAY: Every step of the way!

WBM: Why does what you do matter?

LOTAY: What I do matters because I am serving God by serving others.

WBM: What keeps you motivated?

LOTAY: My faith in God keeps me motivated as well as my love for Jesus Christ and my father. I wish to honor God and my father’s memory by accomplishing what I accomplish in life.

WBM: What are your thoughts on faith?

LOTAY: You either believe or you don’t. When given two paths, “Stay in the light.”

WBM: Define success.

LOTAY: Success to me is happiness; happiness is contentment; contentment is serving God by serving others!

WBM: What’s one thing that many don’t know about you?

LOTAY: There are many things! (Laughs) For one, I really enjoy cooking because it is a form of creative expression, but I rarely have the time to cook. And I love singing, though my voice is not that great, because I’ve never been trained!

WBM: How do you intend to inspire others in the future?

LOTAY: It’s not my intention to inspire people; I simply live my life and share with others who are willing to listen along the way.

WBM: Do you have any advice for those looking to pursue their goals and dreams?

LOTAY: Believe in yourself, and believe in God; with those two elements, who can stop you, except you?

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