If there’s one thing we really get excited over, it is finding the next reason Why Blue Matters, especially if there’s someone shaking things up with his or her music. There’s just something about creativity through that medium that really inspires us. Interestingly enough, our next reason whom we would like to recognize has reached out to us.

Who would have thought that a purposeful tweet promoting this extremely talented “Lovely Folk”, as she calls it, artist would result in where we are today? We did. As we continue to share with you some of the best and the brightest, please pay close attention to what Lonna Marie from New York is doing as an artist and as a philanthropist who gives back to other artists. Connect with Lonna as she connects with us.

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WBM: Who is Lonna Marie?

LONNA: Lonna Marie is a war-head. You have to be patient and you have to give her a chance to get to the sweet goodness in the middle.

WBM: Where are you from?

LONNA: I’m from Hollywood, Florida! What?!

WBM: Interest(s)?

LONNA: I enjoy down time. Lots of it. I love good company, a bottle of tequila and my little furry son, Killer!

WBM: What does music mean to you?

LONNA: Music is everything that I am. It’s how I communicate to someone how I’m feeling, and it’s a reminder to me of where I’ve been and what I’ve been through. I’m not the best speaker and when my emotions get the best of me, it’s impossible to let someone know what I’m feeling or thinking. Writing music is why I can have some clarity in situations and relationships. I have a beautiful relationship with music.

WBM: What would you say your style is like musically?

LONNA: I call it Lovely Folk. It’s always backed by love, for better or worse, but it’s not exactly mainstream, which is why I call it folk. I think the term is very fitting.

WBM: How long have you been involved?

LONNA: I started writing music about 3 years ago now, during a very emotionally taxing relationship. I wouldn’t go back and a change a thing about it though! I can still write a song about that relationship and that makes me very happy. It was very inspiring and really helped me understand what love is and isn’t, and it’s shaped me and my music all along the way.

WBM: Your musical works are impressive, what goes into the fusion of your mash ups?

LONNA: I was always so intimidated recording cover videos. I felt like I didn’t have anything more or better to bring to the table to songs written by other artists. I thought I would just butcher the songs, or it would be unbearably boring. I started doing the mash ups on a whim, actually. The first one I recorded was a mash up of “Moves like Jagger” and “Set Fire to the Rain”. It happened very organically–somehow I was learning Adele’s song and I heard something else in my head, and I just kind of went with it. It was the Maroon 5 song, and they blended kind of nicely, and I thought, well this is a pretty different approach to recording covers. I make it my own because I can mash it with any song of my choosing! It’s fun to try and get polar opposite songs and try to blend them! My latest one is ridiculous! Lady Gaga and Ace of Base. This one was a challenge for me.

WBM: Who is in your iPod or Music Player right now?

LONNA: To be honest I’m not a big music listener. Ironic, I know. I do enjoy Mumford and Sons, Ingrid Michaelson, Stevie Wonder, [and] Adele. My true love are the oldies though!

WBM: Any one you would like to work with in the future?

LONNA: I would LOVE to sing and write with Adele!

WBM: If you weren’t doing music, where else do your interests lie?

LONNA: Creating something. I would love to own my own bar. I think that would be a lot of fun.

WBM: What are your thoughts on success?

LONNA: Success is hard–not to be manipulated by your family, and friends, and the people around you–but I want success to mean that I am happy with where I am and what I am doing. And for that to be enough for me. I just want to know that I can do something I love for the rest of my life and make a living off it. I want people to find some refuge in my music and enjoy it too. That would be the greatest form of success for me.

WBM: What type of impact would you like to make with your music?

LONNA: Again, my music isn’t about changing the world or anything that’s bigger than myself. I write about what I know and what I’ve experienced. It’s sheltered, but it’s personal and I feel like everyone can relate one way or another. I just want to connect to people. We’re all the same in a lot of ways and I want to actually feel that.

WBM: What’s next?

LONNA: An album! I have some tracks that I recorded down in Florida being mixed and mastered as we speak. I’m hoping for a spring release! Oh, and I want a band. That would be sick.

WBM: Any advice for those looking to pursue their aspirations in music?

LONNA: Just keep writing and creating. Don’t let ANYTHING get you down – a bad show, a negative comment. As long as you’re always doing, you’re going to be successful. When you stop and let the negative in, you will fail. So rise above it with your music.
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WEBSITE: www.lonnamarie.com
TWITTER:  /lonnamarie
SOUNDCLOUD:  /lonna-marie
FACEBOOK:  /lonnamariemusic