Listen to “Checkpoints and Borders” by Liquid Casing:

Have you ever heard a rock band with jazz infusion? Liquid Casing has a unique way of blending hard rock with jazz in such an effortless way. It so dope the way you hear hard rock but then all of a sudden you get this calming jazz melody coming out of the wood works. It’s really mind-blowing.

You get so many different vibes listening to Liquid Casing’s new album, A Separate Divide. You feel like you want to rock out but then you realize, “Is that jazz?”, leaving you to cool out and enjoy this refreshing new sound.

Then again, the theme of the album is about exploring the politics of division and exposing the lack of unity. Maybe this is their attempt to break down music genre barriers? If so, they’ve done a fantastic job. Every song doesn’t have lyrics, so on some tracks you really get to hear the beauty of the two genres mixing.

After listening to this album, you might be asking the band at the next rock concert you attend, “Can you add a little jazz to that?”


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