Although not a conventional means of transportation, the places that music can take a listener are very amazing. In a moment, the sound created by lyrics and or  the tune itself, music has the ability to take anyone outside of themselves to connect them to everything that’s heard. The destination, now that’s something and someplace completely up to the individual. However, there’s one thing that’s undeniable, music moves us. It has the ability to make us happy, invigorated, sad, and anything else in between.  And for the few that are able to master its transformative prowess, the sky is the limit. The number of people he or she will be able to touch is infinite and where they will take folks will always be remarkable.

Someone new to the scene, yet rather quickly mastering the ability to move others without hands, emerging talent, Natali Yura is on pace to take the world by storm. With quite an impression already made, Natali hit the Billboard Dance charts hard with her breakout single, “Scream For Love”.  This is just beginning and her music will continue to move the world.

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In 5 words who is Natali Yura?

NATALI: A girl who loves life!

Finish this sentence. Music is…

NATALI: Music is another reality, and we do not know which reality is real. I prefer to live in the reality of music.

Congratulations on the success of your single, “Scream For Love”. Is Dance/Club music something you always saw yourself creating as an artist?

NATALI: I love all kinds of music. I listen to classical and ethnic music, but of course I sing dance pop. Dance-pop music has evolved over time, and, nowadays, it includes many styles. People want art, not a surrogate.

Are there any other genres you plan to explore?

NATALI: This is exactly what I am talking about – that the new album will include rap, classical and world music; we already are starting to envision how it will sound, but only after we leave the studio, that’s when we’ll know what it becomes in the end. We’re going to get together as a team and will disappear from society for some time, that’s the only way.

Who are some of the artists you’re listening to right now?

NATALI: Right now, I’m listening to music that was sent to me by my producer. I’m getting ready to listen to Eminem’s new album, because some people on my team were producers on it. This year I’ve been blasting Disclosure, Solidisco, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, D-wayne, Martin Garrix, M83, R.A.C., AlunaGeorge, Air, Grimes.

What does your life and time outside of music consist of?

NATALI: Outside of music I make money for music, you know how it is – parents were telling me “what actress, what singer, how are you going to live?” and they only let me go to Lee Strasbourg [School of Acting] if I stayed and finished business school, and I am now very happy about that.

Why does what you do matter?

NATALI: I don’t know why this is important in the universal human sense, it’s important for me because it is my life, that’s how I live my life. One can also ask – why does humanity need music and songs at all? It’s a mysterious question.

Is there anything aspiring artists should keep in mind when pursuing their passion?

NATALI: Moments of happiness inspire. And everything takes time.

What can the world expect from you next?

NATALI: Honestly I don’t think about the world and what it expects. Well, of course I think if people would like to hear my songs or not, but since it’s impossible to guess, you just have to do, from the bottom of your heart what you like to do, the kind of music that you like, and, before you know it, the world will love it. Soon there will be the album! Its going to be worth the wait!

Ultimately, what type of impact would you like to make with your music?

NATALI: You know, it will happen by itself, if we manage to express all that we want to say to the world, then maybe we’ll be able to influence something and then, every sincere song affects people, it’ll makes them think about the eternal, love, friendship, even war. Perhaps this is the most important thing, in the sense in which you are asking, to stop for a moment among the endless bustle and think, where am I and who am I.
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