The world of beauty and fashion has within it a significant number of standouts. Each have, in their own right, impacted and continue to impact the industry in amazing ways. We would like to recognize someone who has styled some of the most familiar and influential women in entertainment, and has also been responsible for being the stylist of Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, and the cast of ABC’s “The View”.

This icon is Lavette Slater, a three time Emmy Award winner, visionary, entrepreneur, stylist and the next reason Why Blue Matters. With this interview, we find ourselves closer to someone changing the lives of women around the world. Learn how Lavette got her start, why she’s just as excited after the acclaim and accolades as when she began, what the future holds, and how you too can make your mark.

WBM: In a few words, who is Lavette Slater?

LAVETTE: I would explain myself as a kind, sensitive, passionate, self starting go-getter [who] thrives on making women feel empowered and beautiful.

WBM: Now Lavette, there’s the dictionary definition for beauty, however what does beauty mean to you?

LAVETTE: Beauty to me means confidence, happiness and comfort in your own skin.

WBM: How did you know that hair-styling within the world of fashion/beauty/entertainment is where you wanted to leave your mark?

LAVETTE: I didn’t know that beauty would be my career it kind of found me (laughs). I found myself always advising on how my friends and family should wear their hair and makeup. So I pursued my dreams and, years later, still feel great doing what I do.

WBM: How long have you been involved?

LAVETTE: I’ve been doing hair and makeup for over 15 years.

WBM: Is it still as exciting as it was when you got your start?

LAVETTE: I am still very much excited as when I started until now. It definitely brings me joy to make someone feel good about themselves. It’s amazing how a new look can make you feel.

WBM: Let’s talk accolades: three-time Emmy award winner. That’s huge. How great is it to not only get recognized for the impact you make but also receive an award for it?

LAVETTE: It is definitely a blessing to be able to get an Emmy for doing hair. Who would ever have thought. It’s nice to show others [who] want to pursue this craft that you can reach to that level. Sometimes hair-styling and image is not looked at as that important, but it’s almost as important as what you say out of your mouth. It’s the first thing people see and will ultimately judge you for.

WBM: What was it like working with and making the ladies of “The View” look amazing?

LAVETTE: “The View” has been a true blessing; being able to work with such influential people that have paved the way for others like Barbara Walters, styling icons like Whoopi Goldberg, and meeting the President and First Lady. It’s empowering to be around them.

WBM: You are indeed a master at what you do. So what’s next?

LAVETTE: Right now I’m working on my first book and a human hair wig line. Many celebrities have been wearing my human hair units over the years, and I am now taking it to the next level. Hair is such an important thing, especially for woman. I think wearing hairpieces and lace units is a very personal thing. Many woman have alopecia and other hair issues that prevent them from feeling confident and able to face the world. Sometimes it’s not about switching to a new style everyday, its about fitting in and not feeling like people are looking at your hair issue. My units are all human hair and are special orders. The texture can be matched identically to your own hair. No one will ever know the difference.

WBM: Not sure if you get asked this frequently, but what should ladies to keep in mind when it comes to hairstyle from season to season? How often should someone change their hairstyle?

LAVETTE: I think you can change a hairstyle according to how you feel as much as you want. Again, it’s amazing how a new look can make you feel. And it’s all about feeling good about yourself. The only thing I advise is to find a wonderful stylist that understands your features that can transition you to each style effectively.

WBM: Lastly, if you had three things to share with those that aspire to leave their mark with the efforts they make, what insight could you share?

LAVETTE: Three things I would say to others that want to leave there mark:

1) Know your craft back and forth, and back again. Always take classes and learn new things. Never think you know everything.
2) Surround yourself with positive people.
3) Always follow up.



TWITTER: @LavetteSlater