There are some things that just strike you as interesting upon first glance. Some things, you know that when observed there’s no denying its appeal. The response captivating and inspiring the moment or moments your attention is captured that whatever it is you see, there’s something very special about it.

Now while just getting its start in the world of fashion, emerging lifestyle brand, Allow London is definitely on to something major. Its simplistic yet stylish design has the cool factor about it and in this interview to discuss its beginnings as well as what to expect in the near future, Founder and Creator of Allow London, Laurence Bohmer connects with WBM. It’s scary that at only 6 months in business and 19 years of age, Laurence has developed such a amazing brand that’s just brushing the surface with the impact it plans to make.

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WBM: If you had to describe in a few words, what does Allow London represent?

LAURENCE: Simplistic statement fashion with the iconic connotations of London.

When did the brand get its start?

LAURENCE: I founded the company Allow London in July 2012 after realizing there was a gap in the market for a new fashion line based on the foundations of simplistic designs. I felt that many of the brands that I aspire to were becoming too intricate with their products, moving away from sleek and cutting edge simplicity.

What does style mean to you?

LAURENCE: Fashion has always been a major aspect of my life. From an early age I’ve always wanted to be wearing the “in” brands. Style to me is not just the clothing you wear but also the representation and the marketing behind the fashion line. For example I was/am the biggest fan of Billionaire Boys Club not just due to the designs but how the overall product was endorsed and marketed.

Biggest accomplishment?

LAURENCE: For me the biggest accomplishment was Allow London being approached by a fashion retailer for the first time, 71 Queens. 71 Queens is a high-end fashion retailer that has numerous stores around the UK and for us a recently new label to be invited into such a prestigious store was incredibly motivating but also showed the potential of the brand.

Who/What inspires you?

LAURENCE: There are many individuals that inspire me, one being Sean Combs (P Diddy). His attitude and character is one that I follow. How he strives to be the overall best and works incredibly hard to do so but being extremely appreciative for opportunities he has been presented with in the past.

On a personal level Anil Jain, director of Media Base Direct, co director of Wozityou and loyal friend of the family has always been an inspiration to me with his constant drive and unwavering ambition for entrepreneurial success. There is no word as failure to this man.

For me Supreme reflects both my love for fashion and marketing. In my opinion their advertising campaigns are the best at incorporating the key marketing principle of “sex sells”. Their advertising features are so very simple but beyond the most effective marketing publications I have ever seen.

WBM: Define success?

LAURENCE: I would define success as the moment where your friends, family but most importantly yourself feel you have achieved the ultimate goal in every task you undertake. Success is when you can sit back and feel utterly complete in both a personal and professional manner. I have still a very long way to go before I define myself successful and have many goals I want to achieve but I am only 19.

WBM: Any plans for this year?

LAURENCE: For Allow London the continuing success in the United States is our main goal. We are currently in negotiations with a number of US brands discussing collaborations and other business ventures which I’m incredibly excited about. We have lots in the pipeline with new products, celebrity endorsement and lots of other great ideas for the future.

WBM: How else would you like to impact this planet with your efforts?

LAURENCE: I would love for Allow London to reach the world, to be recognized as one of the top London based fashion lines.

WBM: Do you have any advice for aspiring fashion designers?

LAURENCE: My main advice is to make sure that you keep the brand regarded as “cool”. Stay away from cheap marketing campaigns, make sure any advertising content looks stunning and just generally take your time because one “uncool” feature could wreck your brands image.

Allow London
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