Poised to sweep us away with fresh tides of newly crafted designs, eco-friendly designer sportswear company 100% NY has released its 2013 resort and spring collection. As provocative as it is practical, the new line challenges your creativity with a slow-burning passion for organic geometry. Uninhibited elements of coy are fused with vintage silhouettes to create a collection worthy of a warm-weather adventure.

Inspired by the fluid lines of 70’s chic, 100% NY charges full-force into the next season with cut-outs, wide-leg trousers, high waists, and succulent palettes. While the new collection is perfectly coordinated to work as a cohesive whole, first-time explorers charting 100% NY terrain will delight in the ease with which a single garment can be twisted to fit any personal wardrobe.

Living up to their manifesto of using virtually every last scrap of fabric, the line has accessorized its buoyant dresses and relaxed tops with fibrous nets, braids, and knots. An otherwise simple top is easily transformed into a confident and experimental statement. Porcelain pink and azure dresses dance around contemporary avant-garde with artistic trimmings of sculpted coils, but maintain universality with the use of drapes and sheer fabrics. Riotous prints dare you to infuse your wardrobe with fireworks of tangerine and wine. Spontaneous off-kilter fabric embellishments are sewn with an utter disregard for subtlety.

The result lands in territory somewhere between elegant textile sculpture and nostalgia for the breezy tie-dye of yesteryear. Given the popularity of 100% NY in celebrity circles, which happen to include Jennifer Hudson, it certainly won’t come as a surprise when the 2013 resort and spring collection casts its net far and wide over approving admirers.


Images courtesy of 100% NY.

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