Passion fuels purpose. It’s not difficult to see why success is the byproduct of all of the effort that founder and creator, Kevin Lattimore, of the lifestyle brand Future Generation has put into his love for the clothing industry. Taking Washington D.C. and abroad by storm, connect with Kevin as he shares some insight as to what he and his brand are all about.

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WBM: Who is Kevin Lattimore?

KEVIN: Founder and creator of Future Generation Clothing.

WBM: Where are you from?

KEVIN: I was born and raised in Washington, D.C.

WBM: Interest(s)?

KEVIN: My family, Future Generation, basketball, football, [and] action movies.

WBM: What inspired the development of Future Generation?

KEVIN: The clothing industry is something that I am in love with and that I have always wanted to work in. I got to a point where I was going to the mall for clothes but didn’t see anything that interested me. I saw designs that had no meaning to them and so I wanted to create something that was meaningful, stylish, and inspirational.

WBM: Is this something you received education for?

KEVIN: No, just a passion that I have for the industry.

WBM: Why is what Future Generation so important?

KEVIN: Our motto is “Born Impact The World Through Fashion” We are a lifestyle brand which progressively sets trends using quality and expressive designs.

WBM: In short what’s the biggest thing about running and maintaining a business?

KEVIN: Making decisions and sticking to them.

WBM: What goes into designing your pieces?

KEVIN: Passion. I am not the type who designs and creates things just to say I got something. I have to feel like my community, audience, and I would wear this.

WBM: How has the response been from the customers?

KEVIN: The response has been dope. We are in the process of developing our website. Our Instagram account alone has 11 thousand plus followers and they are waiting patiently for the website launch.

WBM: Any recent Future Generation success stories?

KEVIN: We have been very fortunate to have our brand carried in a store in the Washington D.C., area and [are] currently working on being carried in a second store. Also, we were very fortunate to be ask to have the brand in a photo shoot that featured “Mob Wives'” Ramona Rizzo.

WBM: Anyone you would like to work with in the feature?

KEVIN: Daymond John, Adidas, and maybe some others as time progresses.

WBM: What are you thoughts on success?

KEVIN: Being able to do what you want, when you want, I’m sure is a great thing. Whatever you are passionate about, go for it and do you. Enjoy the journey!

WBM: So what’s next for Kevin Lattimore and Future Generation?

KEVIN: We are enjoying the process and journey. Growing the brand, putting out quality apparel, and connecting with the world.

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