Cute, fresh and fun are three pretty good words to sum up the sound of Kelsea Little. She’s so easy breezy and care free.  Not only that, she’s talented too. Kelsea plays just about all of the instruments on her new album Personal Myth, including the piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and the five foot harp she calls Neil. Through honest and vulnerable lyrics, she sings tunes about seeing the good in everything and long lasting crushes.

Listening to her album might feel a bit like reading her diary, where every track feels like it’s her raw emotions being spread out for the world to hear. Although each song is about something fairly different, it just seems like she wrote what she felt and that was that. We don’t really mind, since her voice is so sensual and filled with emotions. Her whimsical harmony is soothing and really nice to listen to.

A lot of her songs are so easy to relate to, reminding a lot of Taylor Swift–if Taylor went folk of course. She just allows her fans to come right in and get to know her. By the end of her album, don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling like the two of you are best friends. You really get to know her on this album and can’t help but love her.

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