People associate beauty most with aesthetics–“so and so is beautiful because of their “…”–you can insert just about anything there and, depending on who’s looking, the result will be a variety of responses. What’s thought of as beauty is all wrong. What if someone’s character instead of their physical attributes was what made him or her beautiful? What if the way someone impacted the lives of others positively is considered as beautiful?

Using the platform that pageantry provides, not only is the emerging Kanda Farkollie, out of Toronto, Canada, captivating many with her stunning looks but she is also inspiring the world, beautifully. As a role engaging in public speaking and community outreach, Kanda is making her efforts felt regardless of the approach.

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WBM: For those who may not know you, using only a few adjectives, what’s the best way to describe Kanda Farkollie?

KANDA: My closest loved ones describe me as driven, exuberant and down to earth.

WBM: Whereabouts are you from?

KANDA: I’m from the beautifully multicultural country of Canada and I reside in the city of Toronto!

WBM: How did you get involved in pageantry?

KANDA: I became involved in pageantry through observing how wide of a reach that participating in a pageant involves. I’m a firm believer in using the platform public positions offer to positively affect the lives of people on both a local and global scale. It’s because of this, I viewed this opportunity as a phenomenal opportunity to serve my community!

Kanda Farkollie

WBM: Why is it important for those after you to have role models?

KANDA: Role models are incredibly important because they can help steer someone down a successful path!

By having various mentors for different aspects of life–career, school, family–a person is able to have a better understanding of that particular area more intensely.

Whether it’s someone you know personally, a person whose traits you admire, or is in a position you see yourself in, by having their guidance you can learn from their past missteps to experience a smoother journey.

WBM: What are some of the things that inspire you?

KANDA: Life circumstances inspire me, such as witnessing people reach their goals and dreams despite adversity. Those who have experienced challenges have a high level of persistence, a love for life and new found drive that is contagious to be around.

Quotes as well inspire me, one of my favorites being “Non Nobis Solum nati sumus” which means “Not for ourselves alone are we born”. I interpret this quote as each of us being blessed with talents and abilities that we can offer the world. Regardless of what that strength is, I believe that by using it to impact the community it fulfills our lives as well as our global community.

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