WBM/AUTR – Fashion – Volume 1 – February 2013 

This article is part of a series of excerpts from our first edition digital magazine. Read the full interview HERE.

The principle behind Korean-born designer June Sohn’s outerwear is a durability that is consciously integrated for a professional woman. This woman might be wearing a blouse of delicate chiffon, a cashmere cardigan, or a simple cotton t-shirt, but she doesn’t want to be concerned about the elements.

This February, June Wohn exhibited her designs at the celebrated Nolcha Fashion Week, and is setting up for an incredible year of developing her TANK CITI collection.

How did you come to be a designer?

When I was in elementary school, I used to go to boutique stores with my mother to get custom-made clothes (one piece). Since then, I wanted to be a designer. I guess I enjoyed wearing different clothes very much back then, and watching how the fabric was chosen, so I wanted to also enjoy this in creating my own clothes.

Tell us about your creative process, from researching to the final development of your clothing.

There are always trends; however I get more inspired by architecture and nature during my travels. Once I get inspiration from anything for one design, then it will grow into a few other designs. But this idea has to fit into your lifestyle, which is practical, comfortable and easy. I always make a sample by myself until I have approved it entirely from pattern to the sewing.

You cited your inspiration as being the Korean Dooroomakee. Can you tell us about this? 

It used to be a men’s overcoat in the Chosun Dynasty. These men were well educated and had a power which was not for all men. Later on, men and women both began to wear this coat with the reformation to wear simple clothes in 1884. It’s very comfortable and has clean look.