We find it quite amazing and rather inspiring that so many lives are touched on a regular basis. And interestingly enough, happening much closer to home than had the chance to realize. Such is especially the case with Fashion Illustrator/Fashion Designer, Jerron Couture. Based right out of New Jersey, not too far from our NYC headquarters, Jerron impresses upon many with some of the most remarkable illustrations that we had connect.

Get that much closer to Jerron Couture. Another exceptional reason, Why Blue Matters.

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Jerron Couture

WBM: In a few words, who is Jerron Couture?

JERRON: Jerron is a southern soul, with a HUGE northern heart. I like to think that I’m very loving. Thoughtful. Creative. Just to name a few [laughs].

Where are you from?

JERRON: Originally, New Jersey. But I was raised in eastern North Carolina. Kinston to be exact. I just recently moved back to Jersey though.

Why does art matter?

JERRON: It’s a huge form of self expression. A way to release all of these inner thoughts, and share them with others. I think people need that. The world needs that.

How long have you been freehand illustrating?

JERRON: For as long as I can remember. I’ve been drawing since I was about 3. Fashion illustrating since I was 7 or 8.

Jerrone Couture

What are your tools of choice?

JERRON: Definitely Prismacolor Markers/Coloring Pencils. Micron Pens, Mechanical pencils, and Canson Marker paper. & tons of Music!

Who/What is your inspiration?

JERRON: People inspire me. I love people with drive, who aren’t afraid to be their true selves. Music plays a huge role in what I do too. I listen to all types from Rihanna to MGMT, Jeezy to The Script.

Biggest accomplishment?

JERRON: Actually getting a “fan base” if you will. I don’t particularly like the word “fan” because these people mean so much more than that. Having people who love & support what I do is one of the most amazing feelings in the world, I must say.

We noticed that you’ve built up a nice following by illustrating some of the young ladies in your social network, what sparked that idea?

JERRON: I started doing all of these popular characters (like the Disney Princess’ and Doug/Patti) and everyone loved them. So eventually I was asked to turn people into their own characters, and it hasn’t stopped since. It’s very cool to see the reactions to these fashionable characters.

Jerron Couture

Is there anyone you would like to work with in the future?

JERRON: Of course Rihanna. She’s everything fashion, entertainment, and trendsetting.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

JERRON: That I hate scary movies. Even though I know the characters aren’t real… Those flicks give me super bad vibes.

If you weren’t doing art, where else do your interests lie?

JERRON: Well I’m a fashion Designer first, Fashion Illustrator/artist second. So probably heavily in some other field of fashion like marketing or production. Maybe acting too. That was my “thing” in highschool.

Jerron Couture

What are your thoughts on success?

JERRON: It doesn’t come easy, and there are many different levels of it. I’m not sure what level I’m after, but as long as it makes me happy, then I’m satisfied.

What type of impact would you like to make with your artwork?

JERRON: I want to inspire. I was that kid who loved to see other people’s artwork and wish I could do the exact same thing. Now I wish that I can be that person who inspires that kid.

What’s next?

JERRON: I want to either work with a fashion line, or have my own. I’d love to have my own line within the next year, but I’m more than willing to start out designing for an already established brand, or even an up-and-coming brand.

What should people keep in mind when pursuing their dreams and goals?

JERRON: NEVER give up. It gets rough and tough, trust me, I know. But I thoroughly believe that if God has it in his plans for you, then it is truly for you.

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TUMBLR: jerroncouture.tumblr.com
INSTAGRAM: @jerroncouture