Jay Z did it again. Within this year he has completely taken over Brooklyn. Everyone was
surprised last year in September when Jay announced that the New Jersey Nets were becoming The
Brooklyn Nets, and they were getting a new arena built. Pretty much everybody in Brooklyn was happy.
Especially since he said he had some great shows planned for the future.

I’m just saying after doing all of this he might as well go ahead and give us plans for New Year’s
Eve too .Of course Jay would do this though cause he’s the man. Here’s what’s going on. December 30 th
Coldplay is having a concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and they’re having another concert on
the 31st as well.

Now the best part is that on the 31st the show is a New Year’s Eve co-headline with Jay Z. I think
this is the most amazing New Year’s Party I’ve heard of yet. There’s no doubt that this concert won’t beworth going to. You already have Coldplay who’s the best band in the world, and Jay’s favorite band,
and Chris Martin the lead singer of Coldplay is one of Jay Z’s closest friends.

The way I see it is that Jay is going to make this a family affair, because so far this year Jay has
had a good number of concerts, and all of them had guest appearances. He had eight alone at Barclays.
This doesn’t even include the Budweiser Made in America two day festivals he had this summer. At
every one of these shows Jay Z has had anyone appear from 2 Chainz to Big Sean, Common, Kanye West,
and Beyoncé perform, and that’s only to name a few. You can just imagine who will be popping up at
this show. I’m sure no one that’s going will be disappointed.

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