There are a number of things in life that, over time, we will connect to, just as there are things that will connect to us. Whether we choose to eliminate, create, or extend them, the connection is dependent on how significant we deem it to be in our lives.

Understanding the connection he had with music and the connection he wanted others to have with him as an artist, singer-songwriter Jay Saint out of New Jersey felt that music is something he always want to pursue. With beginnings behind the scenes writing for a number of recording artists from Bad Boy Records, Jay would make a name for himself. Not wanting to stop there, Jay made the decision to step out from behind the scenes to the forefront in order to connect further with others through music.

Fresh off the release of his debut mixtape, Amour Et La Guerre, Jay takes some time to connect with us in between promotion and working on other musical endeavors. Here’s your opportunity to connect with him as well.
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WBM: Who is Jay Saint?

JAY: Jay Saint is a 22 year old pop and R&B singer-songwriter, and performer.

WBM: Where are you from?

JAY: Jersey City, New Jersey.

WBM: Interest(s)?

JAY: Sports, fashion, working out, and I guess music, right? (Laughs)

WBM: How did you get involved into music?

JAY: I was given an opportunity to record at a studio in Santa Maria, California, while I was going to school and playing football at Allan Hancock College. It started out as a joke but it quickly became something I couldn’t get away from; I was hooked after my first session.

WBM: When did you know this was something you wanted to pursue?

JAY: I’ve always knew in my heart that I was meant to be an artist. It wasn’t until I went to California where I then realize I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t give my music the same focus and attention I gave my education. It was a no-brainer after that epiphany.

WBM: What does it mean to be an artist in 2011?

JAY: Being an artist in 2011 means you have to live your music. Everything you sing, say, or do must be 100 percent legitimate. Reality has taking over media and its not enough for music lovers to just love your music; they want to know you– they want to know what your life’s about through the lyrics.

WBM: Describe your style of music.

JAY: My music is pop mixed in with an urban-island tone. I come from a Haitian/Dominican family, so I try to incorporate my culture in everything I do. It’s “feel good” music, but also subliminal messages that describe my life and what I’ve been through.

WBM: How has the response been with the release of your latest mixtape?

JAY: The response has been amazing! A lot of people I know where shocked by the sound because it wasn’t the Jay Saint they were used to. I went from doing these cookie cutter pop records to unleashing my accent, followed by a unique tone and singing the way I’ve always wanted to sing. I’m happy with the outcome of my mixtape Amour Et La Guerre, but of course never complacent. The best in the game are never satisfied.

WBM: Is music your only form of expression?

JAY: Well, I love to dance and I love writing short stories and poems. I think it’s important to have a positive outlet outside of your goal. It can get be stressful at times, so it always good to rock with something else and still be yourself. In the meantime of course, then back to business.

WBM: What are some of the things that inspire you?

JAY: I’m inspired by the grind. I love to here amazing hustle stories. It keeps me focused and inspires me to step my game up. I don’t think I’ll every be inspired [more] by anything other than hard working people.

WBM: Why does what you do matter?

JAY: What I do matters only because I’m passionate about it. I’m an artist [who] lives his music. Every word I sing is a day in my life or something I’ve experienced. I strive to be an inspiration to those who don’t have the courage to be themselves or embrace their culture because they’re concerned with what people would think of them. I want to make those culturally insecure individuals realize they matter.

WBM: What keeps you motivated after all this time?

JAY: My family, close friends, and people I’ve worked with [who] help over the years, keep me motivated. I don’t want to let then down.

WBM: Define success.

JAY: Success is what you make of it. It apparently comes in many forms nowadays. People are just clever when it comes to becoming successful.

WBM: Biggest accomplishment?

JAY: My biggest accomplishment has to be writing for Bad Boy. A lot of doors opened for me after that, but it hasn’t made anything any easier. It seems like I could never get away from square one (laughs). I love the challenge though.

WBM: What’s one thing that many don’t know about you?

JAY: I was a D1AA college football player [who] had a shot at the NFL but passed on it for music.

WBM: What’s next?

JAY: My mixtape Amour Et La Guerre will be a featured mixtape on Datpiff in November, and also I’ll be shooting my very first video for my debut single “Good Feeling” in November as well.

WBM: Any advice for those looking to pursue their goals and dreams?

JAY: Never let someone get in the middle of your goals and vision. If it’s a passion, fight hard to make it a reality.

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TWITTER: /JayGotNext