The search never stops. If you didn’t already know, our mission is to always identify the next reason Why Blue Matters. Today, our interest gravitates toward the direction of JacQ, a passionate and talented singer-songwriter from Queens, New York.

Upon first listen, you can’t help but recognize that music is very much a part of JacQ and as she is a part of the music she creates. You can sense this in every word she sings, hear throughout every song, and, as a result, become inspired by her efforts. It’s undeniable that JacQ leads a purposeful life impacting those who experience her.

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WBM: Who is JacQ?

JACQ: Well I’m a 27 year old artist from Queens, New York. I’ve loved music since I could remember and began to sing at the age of eight. As a little girl, I was very shy. I was the typical teen girl going through puberty. I was chubby and had braces. Because I felt unattractive, it brought me to have very low self esteem. This hindered me from ever wanting to reveal my talent. In high school, my friends overheard me singing and pushed me to sing at bus stops, train stations, and then to try out for the school talent show. This broke me out of my shell. I began to perform at different talent shows throughout my college years. But like every college student, I was drowning with papers and exams to attend to, which slowed down my music pursuit.

Many ask why I didn’t take music in college. I wasn’t confident enough in myself to pursue music as my career. I also got advice from different people–parents included–that I get an education to have as plan B, in case my music career did not work out. So like every graduate in today’s world, I’ve been drowning in debt from school loans ever since graduating. This forced me to have to get a full-time job and leave my music career on the back burner. It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I began to pursue my own music [and] my music career started to take off.

I have to thank my parents for pushing me to get an education. I don’t regret getting my degree at all. My degree (BBA) and educational experience helped me manage and market my music career on my own very well. My love for music has grown over the years and made me gain a sense of persistence. I’m a very humble, caring person and try to portray that in my music. I write all of my music and sometimes get offers from friends who want to write music for me. My latest album titled “Just Jacq” was all written by me produced by ILL Music Entertainment, an entertainment company based out in Freeport, Long Island. My EP album was mostly written by me with the exception of two songs (“Thought you Knew” and “ And I Cry”) written by fellow song writer, and friend, LaMaine Lindsay.

WBM: Where are you from?

JACQ: I was born at Long Island Jewish Hospital and raised in Queens, New York. My mother is of Dominican decent and my father is of Ecuadorian decent.

WBM: Interest(s)?

JACQ: My interests are of course music, fashion and cooking. I am currently working on two mix tapes, EPs, that will be released this summer. Fashion has always been an interest for me. I consider myself a girly girl, and love to go out shopping and explore different fashion styles. I have a clothing line that is in the works and I hope to have the line out in the public eye in the near future. If music or fashion don’t work out I will probably end up owning a little cafe overseas. I love to cook and entertain. I cook Sunday dinners every weekend and try to spend time with my family as much as I can.

WBM: What does music mean to you?

JACQ: Music to me is something I use to tell life stories and experiences. It’s for me, ONE of the best ways to spread a message.

WBM: What would you say your style is like musically?

JACQ: I would call my style of music world music. I listen to all types of music and am inspired by different genres when writing my own music.

WBM: How long have you been involved?

JACQ: I’ve been involved with music for about eight years now.

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