When concert lore becomes humanitarian aid, great things happen. Known around the world as Barrel Roll Man, Andrew Tessier has been combining aid with antics to battle infant mortality, child abuse, and neglect in partnership with Nurses for Newborns. The process is straightforward: go to a concert, barrel roll, get people excited, raise funds, save children. Does it work? It most certainly does, with well over $7000 raised in just two years!

Barrel rolling around the world may seem like a lifestyle for superheroes, but Andrew Tessier proves that one can hold down a steady job and family life while still having time to raise funds for a meaningful cause. When he’s not barrel rolling for a better world, Andrew Tessier works “in Business Development for a Consulting Group in St. Louis, Missouri”, and is Co-President of a unique social network for kids, Kool Kardz, which allows children to share their interests with others around the world in the form of trading cards.

“As long as our backs hold up, we’ll push it as long as we can,” he declares. Persistence is indeed the key, since Barrel Roll Man has reached over 26 thousand fans on Facebook and over 36 thousand followers on Twitter. “We have begun seeing other people somersault in unique places around the world, and we encourage people to post their videos to our website through our Link Your Barrelrolling Video page on our website”. Anyone who visits the official website can also vote on the next location for Barrel Roll Man’s baby-saving, concert-tumbling exploits!




WBM: Let’s get to know the gent behind Barrel Roll Man. Give us a winning line that introduces you to the world.

For the past five years, Andrew Tessier, the face behind the Barrelrollman Organization, has been attracting attention around the world by doing forward rolls in such places as the Great Wall of China and the Sistine Chapel to raise funds for children in need.

WBM: Who are some of your favorite musicians and personal heroes?

We set most of our music in our videos to AC/DC songs because they personify the hard rocking values that founded our organization.

WBM: Did you always know you wanted to grow up to be Barrel Roll Man?

What started as a party stunt between myself and my brothers, the Barrelrollman Organization has grown into an extremely creative way to bring people together to benefit a worthy cause. It all started at the 2010 Winter Olympics when we somersaulted in front of the stage of a band as they were finishing their set, encouraging an encore. The French Biathalon Team happened to be in attendance and asked us what we were doing. We explained that we just somersaulted in random places to get attention or to get a crowd going.

WBM: Tell us about the charity Barrel Roll Man benefits, Nurses for Newborns.

The Nurses For Newborns Foundation exists to provide a safety net for families most as-risk in order to prevent infant mortality, child abuse and neglect by providing in-home nursing visits which promote healthcare, education, and positive parenting skills.

WBM: Is it a local or global charity?

At this time, the Nurses For Newborns provides families in St. Louis, Missouri and Nashville, Tennessee with care. We are attempting to expand the reach of this charity through our initiative.

WBM: Why did you choose Nurses for Newborns? Is there a personal story behind your connection with this specific charity?

The Nurses For Newborns Foundation was very important to my grandfather and it was through his involvement which led to our association with the foundation. Additionally, a family friend named Claire Devoto is the Community Development Director for Nurses For Newborns and her passion for the foundation is extremely infectious!


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