Inspiration knows no bounds and with the latest addition to Why Blue Matters, bi-coastal model-entrepreneur-law professional Lisa Song Sutton, we have three more reasons to be moved not only by her efforts but also toward our own goals and dreams.

So with some time to discuss what this year holds for her while sharing what has catapulted her toward success, Lisa gives all new meaning to motivation.

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WBM: Complete this sentence. Lisa Song Sutton is….

LISA: Lisa Song Sutton is motivated, grounded and ambitious.

WBM: Success a great deal of the time comes from humble beginnings, how did you get your start?

LISA: I am a product of encouraging and supportive parents. I am an only child and had every luxury available growing up, but it was not without my parents being sure I was deserving of such fulfillment. Straight A’s were mandatory and extra-curricular activities–including piano, flute and tap dance lessons–were a part of my daily routine from ages 6 – 18. I received my first B in the 4th grade. It made my Mom cry and I felt so terrible that I vowed to never be lazy with my schoolwork again. Learning discipline, hard work and how to manage a busy schedule from an early age definitely influenced who I am today.

Lisa Song Sutton

WBM: Why is what you do so important?

LISA: I think being a strong, self-sufficient woman is important in these changing times. Although some would argue that we “live in a man’s world” that doesn’t mean that we, as women, have to make ourselves manly, whether in outward appearance, demeanor, or otherwise in order to adapt. Certain qualities such as dedication and discipline transcend gender and the more capable, strong women that we have out in the world as role models can provide a motivational blueprint for the future generation.

WBM: Beauty, brains and business. Lisa, you’re a triple threat. How are you able to manage things such as modeling, law and owning a business?

LISA: Aww, thank you so much! Um, not sleeping much! (laughs) Anyone who knows me knows that my schedule is ridiculously packed. A typical day could include an early sunrise photo shoot, an eight hour day at the office and then helping the team at the bakery at night. I am able to manage everything by having great people around me. My cupcakes partner Dannielle is awesome, and my colleagues at the law firm are all self-sufficient and supportive.

Lisa Song Sutton + Why Blue Matters

WBM: Accomplishments serve as reference points on the path of success, have you achieved all you wanted to yet?

LISA: While I have had some achievements, thus far I definitely do not feel that I have achieved all I want to yet. I am a huge fan of continual learning and higher education. Obtaining my Ph.D. is something I have considered, and I of course want to continue to build and grow the businesses I have started. Oh, and having a family is definitely something I would like down the road as well. I want to be president of the PTA and a chaperone on field trips, just like my Mom was (laughs).

WBM: With all of the amazing things going on in your life– long days and possibly even longer nights, what keeps you motivated?

LISA: I want to be able to provide for my children the way that my parents provided for me. Plus I get a genuine thrill out of feeling productive. The long days can take their toll sometimes, but the upsides and benefits far outweigh being a little grumpy from lack of sleep…that’s what coffee is for! (laughs)

Lisa Song Sutton

WBM: What does the rest of 2013 look like for you?

LISA: The law firm is ridiculously busy and my new responsibilities as VP of Human Resources definitely keep me on my toes. With modeling, I have some exciting photo shoots coming up and publications being released overseas later this year. Sin City Cupcakes is continuing to expand and grow. We hope to have our own dedicated commercial kitchen; right now we are in a shared space commercial kitchen, built out by the third quarter of this year.

WBM: How else would you like to impact this planet with your efforts?

LISA: I am a big supporter of giving back to the community. While in college and grad school I volunteered with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Organization and most recently I donated my used pageant gowns to St. Jude’s Ranch for their annual prom. Who knows, maybe starting a non-profit organization may be in the cards for me.

Photos Courtesy of  LisaSongSutton.Com

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