Slim Loris is an indie alternative band from Stockholm that mixes 60s pop-rock with American folk music. Future Echoes and Past Replays is their new album. They remind me of Mumford and Sons. They have this gritty, banjo playing, southern kind of style to them, which is pretty cool with them being from Stockholm and all.

This listen was actually exclusive since the album doesn’t come out until May 19th, but I can tell you now it’s definitely worth the buy. It is a little emotionally charged, but in a good way. It reminded me of the blues at certain times. Their music is so soothing, especially if you’re in that kind of mood. Even if you’re not in that kind of mood and you just want to listen to the music, you’ll still find it relaxing.

It’s just something about the melodies and the lead singer’s voice that just makes you chill. It’s so serene. Listening to this album makes you think about that moment where you’re at a concert and everybody’s in the zone. Then next thing you know, lighters are in the air, people are swaying back and forth, and everyone’s just having a good time.

Slim Loris Music + Why Blue Matters

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