Headcase Sound is an innovative company with a heartwarming purpose. Founded in October of 2011, Headcase Sound is not only a headphone development company and retailer, but also a charitable organization where each headset represents a specific cause. Proceeds from each sale go to the cause dedicated to a particular head set.

Currently, Headcase Sound has five different models, each representing their own specific charity. The colors are yellow, white, blue, red and black. Each purchase of a yellow headset buys ten pairs of shoes for those in poverty. A purchase of a white headset will go towards buying high end irrigation pumps to help struggling farmers. With each purchase of a blue headset, you are providing children with preventative health kits to help keep them healthy. A red headset equates to five polio vaccinations for children in need. The black headphones help to provide shelter for victims of human trafficking.

The black headphones are connected to a charity called One Day’s Wages, a human trafficking fund that targets projects addressing the many facets surrounding human trafficking. By donating to this fund, people can keep others out of forced conditions that violate their human rights and dignity, helping to end these terrible injustices.

There are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world today. This is more than the total amount of people seized from Africa during the four centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Headcase Sound is trying to stamp out human trafficking, one set of headphones at a time. Consider helping out Headcase Sound by checking them out on Indiegogo and contributing to their crowdfund goal of $50,000. Help insure that Headcase Sound can continue to make a change in the world.

For more information on Headcase Sound:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/headcasesound
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Indiegogo: www.indiegogo.com/headcasesound