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The city is buzzing and it couldn’t be possible to feel more alive on a day like today. Our location? West Village, New York City. The setting? Father Demo Square Park. Cars and taxicabs whiz by, as do the pedestrians do headed to their destinations with nothing but the weekend in mind. Luckily for us, the weekend never had more promise. On a late Friday afternoon, kicking it on a park bench, taking in the sights and sounds, we exchange some thoughts, insight and inspiration with Hardy Indiigo.

Just who exactly is Hardy Indiigo? Simply put, someone the world will soon know. Not only is he a young man wise beyond his years, but Hardy Indiigo makes his impact felt as an extraordinaire in music, specializing in composition, production and DJ’ing. That’s just brushing the surface, as Hardy is greatly moved by fashion and philanthropic work with the organization Falling Whistles.

Hailing from Congo, Africa by way of Paris, France, and now residing in NYC, Hardy Indiigo has quite the outlook on life. This, of course, doesn’t come without first working one’s butt off, and second, gathering a significant amount of experience along the way.

With a great understanding that progress is a combination of  effort and chance meeting preparation, it’s no accident that Hardy is where he is today. Recently landing a production placement on the #1 album in the country, MDNA by Madonna, for the song “Superstar”, Hardy Indiigo is soaring high on his journey among the greats. Listen in as Hardy Indiigo speaks on life, success, opportunity & music.

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