In fashion lies style, and in style, creativity. It’s the essence that gives fabric and other wearable materials life, and transforms individuals into walking pieces of art–something which requires vision, time, and inspiration of an amazing type to create much of the world’s most beautiful clothing that you see today.

From the great minds that do the designing and creating, as well as the teams that assist with providing timeless fashion, WBM would like to recognize the lifestyle brand, Gypsy Warrior. Launched in 2010, this brainchild of Gypsy/Co-Founder/Creative Director, Nicla DiCosmo and Warrior/Co-Founder/Brand Director, Michel Bezoza, Gypsy Warrior is a hand-curated collection of clothing, shoes, and accessories inspired by their love of tattoo culture, high fashion, rock-n-roll music, NYC, and vintage.

In this interview, learn a little bit about the brand’s founders as well as what places Gypsy Warrior at the forefront of fashion.

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Gypsy Warrior

WBM: Using only five words, what five words describe you both best?

Gypsy Warrior: Passionate, Creative, Inventive, Hard working, Inspired.

WBM: Where are you from?

Gypsy Warrior: Nicla- born in Paramus NJ raised in Fair Lawn NJ & Michel- born in NYC raised in Saddle River, NJ.

WBM: From your perspective why is fashion important?

Gypsy Warrior: Fashion is a creative outlet unlike no other. It gives a person a way to express them selves and their individuality. Fashion is also cathartic, if I (Nicla) wake up in a bad mood I make sure to wear sequins and leopard to cheer me up!

WBM: How long have you been involved in fashion?

Gypsy Warrior: We have both been involved in fashion since the day we were born! We were both fine art majors in college but always very involved with our own personal styles, making our own clothes, and buying clothes from the thrift store and re-appropriating them. After college I landed a job at Ford Models being completely thrown right into the fashion world. After college Michel began to start her own tee shirt brand. Once the moons aligned we began Gypsy Warrior.

WBM: We absolutely love your style. Where do you feel your keen sense of fashion comes from?

Gypsy Warrior: Thanks! We believe having a unique sense of fashion comes from being observant of the influences all around you. We are inspired by everything that surrounds us… NYC street style, contemporary art, vintage fashion, counter culture, music, to our friends and family.

WBM: What does Gypsy Warrior represent? Who is the everyday Gypsy Warrior?

Gypsy Warrior: Everyone is a Gypsy Warrior! Check out our About Us page for more info:

WBM: If GW had a soundtrack, what would be on that playlist?

Gypsy Warrior: Lots of rock n roll! From classic rock, punk, metal, and everything in-between. Check out one of our mixtape mondays here:

WBM: Biggest accomplishment?

Gypsy Warrior: Everyday is our biggest accomplishment. We are constantly reminded of how lucky we are to be doing something we love everyday!

WBM: What’s an average day in the life of Nicla and Michel look like?

Gypsy Warrior: It all starts with two cups of coffee then… meeting reps at showrooms, traveling to LA for meetings, scouting location for photo shoots, styling for magazines, overseeing the website, meeting new people, and the occasional cocktail.

WBM: When not running Gypsy Warrior together what does your down time consist of?

Gypsy Warrior: All Gypsy Warrior all the time!

WBM: What can the fashion community expect from you this year?

Gypsy Warrior: We promise that 2013 will bring much more from us, Gypsy Warrior brand denim and cottons, tons more new arrivals each week, and perhaps a boutique popping up in your town!

WBM: What should people keep in mind when pursuing their dreams and goals?

Gypsy Warrior: Listen to your heart and work really hard and one day it will pay off!

New Arrivals - Gypsy Warrior (2013)

New Arrivals – Gypsy Warrior (2013)

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