She has been featured on Flavorwire as one of New York’s top names to watch in 2013, and with her new Spring/Summer 2013 collection of eco-friendly fashions, Gretchen Jones is bound not just to make an appearance, but to make a scene. Fashionistas who like to balance their love of trendy design with a wardrobe that is crafted with a care for ecological and economic sustainability will find much to enjoy in the young New York-based designer’s newest releases.

Spring trends for 2013 have been reigning the runways and being cast in stone since at least the early autumn, which is why the new collection by Jones is so exciting. Many of the popular trends seen in top designer collections are available in accessible and easy-to-wear styles that will compliment many figures. Everything, from the crop jacket of her short-suit to the most basic white dress, is easy to accessorize. This in itself is an important factor in how long a piece will usually last in a wardrobe, and how easy it is to convert into a personal style. Naturally, the less versatile an item is, the more wasteful it will be in the long-run to make it and to own it.

Gretchen Jones S/S 2013 Runway (Image source:

Skirt lengths in Gretchen Jones’ S/S 2013 collection generally hover at or near knee-length. Waistlines flaunt a relaxed fit, making it easy to cinch pieces in with a belt or to wear them as-is. Daring high-rise slim-leg pants make a bold statement with a shimmering modern aesthetic. An elegant and very flattering choice for taller figures is Gretchen Jones’ wide-leg trouser, which she shows off in bohemian and black & white graphic prints. Crop blazers take a hint from the bomber jacket trend of the fall season, as well as the glitter seen in the upcoming season’s couture collections.

A few hints of transparent fabrics give nod to texture combinations that have proven themselves popular over the 2012 seasons. Those keeping an eye out on the top runway looks will find a few of the season’s most exciting colors in Jones’ new collection. Without dipping into garish territory, Gretchen Jones makes a smart choice in picking an ever-popular fuchsia, an emerald green, and sweet yellow custard to set off the rest of her refreshing palette.

All of the items are essentially urban in flavor, with confident details in cut-outs, graphic-inspired prints, and moments of sheer drapes. An iridescent white blazer boasts the peaked lapels that have made such a strong statement in both men’s and women’s wear over past season. The pencil skirt silhouette makes a tasteful appearance in comfortable day-dresses as well as preppy evening alternatives.

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The overwhelming majority of the materials used in Gretchen Jones’ collections are entirely natural, and all items are domestically made. More conscious fashionistas are discovering that trends are just not worth the investment unless clothing has been created with an obvious love for both design and the long-term impacts of its manufacturing. The New York fashion scene is bristling with anticipation for young eco-savvy designers, many of whom are just beginning to find their footing in a competitive realm notorious for some of the most wasteful manufacturing practices on the planet. It’s innovators like Gretchen who really form a core inspiration for the Why Blue Matters manifesto. One person with a creative idea that is put into practice, resonating with what is current, has the power to make huge waves, and eco-fashion is no doubt a growing pond.


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