“I’ve been hiding for so long in my skin…”

There is a consistent charm and depth to releases from Project: Mooncircle. For full disclosure, WBM is not being paid to review the label’s albums, post their artists’ songs, or otherwise eclipse them with compliments. No, this is indeed a label with which I have personally fallen in love and which deserves to be shared with the Why Blue Matters community. The last time I remember Graciela Maria’s name coming up was in an interview with Russian DJ and producer Long Arm, with whom she previously collaborated. This Mexican-born singer-songwriter has inspired and collaborated with a few of Project: Mooncircle’s other artists, and is set for a promising year with her upcoming April 5th release of a new album, Olvido.

Graciela Maria (Image courtesy of Last.fm)

Graciela Maria (Image courtesy of Last.fm)

By the sounds of her track “From Others”, plucked from this same album, she promises emotional delivery. According to Project: Mooncircle, “This album is to be heard in solitude, to look inside one´s self and ask: What is it, that we see there? What do we listen to and who are we?” Graciela Maria’s lyrics, in songs like “Through the Night” and “Underwater”, have a refreshing simplicity to them, though their power is by no means lessened.  “People in the street /whispering weird things / they don’t know about us…” she sings in “Little White Shoes”. For the most part, Graciela Maria gives an honest voice to thoughts that otherwise pass from one mind to another, meeting inhibition along the way.


For more information on Graciela Maria:

Website: www.gracielamaria.com

Project: Mooncircle: www.projectmooncircle.com/artists/74

Soundcloud: /gracielamaria

Facebook: /Graciela-Maria