The Knicks are having an amazing season right now. Especially after beating the Suns last night. The thing is this wasn’t even a blowout game. They didn’t even have Carmelo Anthony, Novak still has
the flu, and Raymond Felton was out with an injury. Yet they still won even though they were tied for a
long time. JR Smith took the winning shot with one second left on the clock. I think I heard that he’s the best worst shot taker in the NBA. Which has to be true because he takes the craziest shots, and makes them. Most of the time.

Right now they are number two in the eastern conference making them the team to beat next to the heat. Being a Lebron fan I usually always route for the Heat. Not so much this year. I actually rooted for the Knicks during their first Heat game. That’s when I knew the Knicks had me. I actually like to watch them play. Other games are just not as exciting. The Knicks have an awesome team this year, and their games are fun.

The Knicks proved that Melo not being around for a game is not an issue for them. Even the guys on the bench are good. Look at Copeland he was a prime bench warmer. He started off only playing the last few minutes of the game. He wasn’t really shining until a couple of key players had to sit out of some games. Even with important team members missing they still have players like Jason Kidd, Tyson Chandler, Rasheed Wallace, and Pablo Prigioni. That’s a good bunch of people right there. I really think I’m sticking with the Knicks for the rest of the season.