Today’s an amazing day for music. Not only is it the twelfth on the twelfth month of the two thousand and twelfth year, but it’s also the birthday of emcee extraordinaire and forerunner of Modern Nostalgia, Mr. Kane Mayfield. So today folks is just not another day. In fact, today is exceptionally glorious because we have the opportunity to debut something new off of theRhymes by Kane project.

So with this WBM First Listen, partake in the celebratory tune that easily doubles as the new Kane Mayfield birthday song, “Glorious”. And as you press the play button, we encourage you to go in the direction that music takes you. What you’ll have the chance to experience can be likened to what the late Bob Ross did with his works. What Kane Mayfield does on this track is paint these magnificent soundscapes whose brushstrokes of colorful language that evokes and personifies a high level of success within you.

What a dope way to end the year.

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