My old (destroyed) glass privacy screen protector with my new IntelliArmor tempered glass screen

I’ve always been a fan of putting a tempered glass protector on my iPhone(s) which have saved my phone a few times through the years from having an even more inconvenient and costly broken screen (which can run $160 plus to fix), complete with Spider-Man-esque web patterns. Like many I had paid the mall kiosk installers $35-$60 plus dollars to install the glass protector for me as it was convenient and if they messed up they would do it till it was right. Well, I have to say if I had known about IntelliGLASS and how simple it truly was to do it myself, I would’ve have saved a few pretty pennies. Now that I know, I’m sad to alert all kiosk installers that they won’t be getting anymore of my money (at least not for tempered glass screen protectors). Even if this post wasn’t Sponsored by IntelliArmor, I’d still be looking for a new tempered glass screen protector (as I recently had my privacy tempered glass screen protector destroyed, see photo to the right) so, I’m really glad to be a part of the #intelliGLASS campaign.

IMG_1318 (640x640)

alcohol pad, microfiber cloth, sticky pad film, tempered glass protector and screen depressor square

As, I mentioned previously installing it was simple and the kit came with everything you need to do it almost effortlessly — the alcohol pad (to clean and prep the phone’s screen), the microfiber cloth (to clean any streaks left behind from the alcohol pad), the sticky pad film (to pick up any dust particles left behind from the cloth), the tempered glass protector (to protect that precious screen) and a screen depressor square (to push those pesky bubble out to the edge for tight seal). Literally, other than washing your hands (cause who knows where our hands have been lol) those items used in that order all you need keep your screen out of harm’s way. All of that for as low as $10 on Amazon or on their site, for practically any screen you have from iPhones to Androids to Tablets…So, no excuse not to get yours today and protect your oh so expensive device from costing you even more.

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This video from IntelliArmor on installing IntelliGLASS see below: