To close out 2012, we had the opportunity to feature “Fix You” the breakout smash of SRP/Universal/Republic Records singer/songwriter, Vita Chambers. And just as amazing as it was to hear, WBM was provided an even greater opportunity to debut the music video for this infectiously catchy tune that is without a doubt a hit.

Now for all of those who happened to catch “Fix You” back in December with us, you’re definitely in for a treat. However, might this be your first time connecting with WBM and with that of the exceptionally talented Vita Chambers, best believe we couldn’t think of a better way to introduce you to her.

So with this WBM First Look, check out the visuals for “Fix You”. Chronicling a young lady who’s involved in an unhealthy relationship, Vita provides not only a way out, but refuge away from nonsense.

Hit that play button.

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