We’ve been rocking with Toronto’s leaders of the Beau Monde Collective, The Airplane Boys (Beck Motley and Bon Voyage), since catching wind of their first release. WBM prepared for flight with Where’ve You Been and took off strong with Alignment, to find ourselves elated at Brave New World. From each mixtape to the next–if we can even call them that since the works they create are of epic proportion and more like albums–The Airplane Boys take listeners to a place unlike any they’ve ever been before.

With production from KMS, Spin Beatz, Kilo, and Theorist, think of each of the ten songs of Brave New World as a sound track for its own special getaway. A utopia of head bopping soundscapes, poly-syllabic rhymes and catchy hooks dealing with relationships, confidence and the ascent to claim a position within the homogeneity of hip hop, The Airplane Boys’ newest mixtape changes the perspective of trends, typical rap subject matter and any notion of what music should sound like to stand out impeccably.

A consistent and complete body of work, Brave New World features the gems “Tokyo/Righteous”, “Never Know”, “T.I.D.E.S”, “Her Fault”, and “Broken”. Whether it’s a taste of some great new music or just keeping up with the Beau Monde Collective, The Airplane Boys have you covered.

Find yourself in paradise today.

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