Kerry Bannigan’s Nolcha Fashion Week provides a stellar way for designers to showcase themselves to the world.

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WBM: Has fashion always been an interest of yours?

KERRY: I have always been interested in the creative arts and fashion became more of a prominent interest when I moved to NYC and became immersed in the business of fashion. I am very interested in the influence of fashion on the world, consumers and even more about the power of good that it can achieve within philanthropy.

WBM: Nolcha Fashion Week continues to grow and grow every season, how do you feel about its success?

KERRY: I am very proud of the platform that we created and more importantly to see the results it produces for our clients. Every season our support becomes stronger and I am thrilled to welcome back RUSK Haircare as a presenting sponsor for a second season.

WBM: Has anyone ever asked you how Nolcha Fashion Week got the name “Nolcha”?

KERRY: Yes! It was randomly discovered on and means Sun.

WBM: From season to season how do you select designers to feature in your shows?

KERRY: Although the creative aspect is important and the talent of the designer, we also select brands that are business ready to work with the retailers and media. We aim to be a launching pad for independent fashion brands and encourage them to grow their business with the exposure received, therefore, we seek sellable, scalable and reliable fashion brands.

WBM: Is there any designer whose collection you’re looking forward to seeing?

KERRY: I get excited by all the designers work and seeing it finally hit the runway after months of working together. I am intrigued to see Adolfo Sanchez and his continual growth each season. It is exciting to also see the return of Dany Tabet after his beautiful debut last season.

WBM: Your shows run seamlessly, what do you think contributes to things running so smoothly?

KERRY: A fantastic team who understand organization, team work, helping where required, accountability and responsibility plus a tab of good humor and fun in there to get through the long hours. Plus the barrage of good food and beverages to keep up our energy from smartwater, FOCO Pure Coconut Water, ‘wichcraft, KIND Snacks, PopChips and Zico backstage. Plus we all look forward to celebrating with our sponsors and clients post shows and always enjoying the latest cocktail from DON Q Rums and Cavoda Vodka.

WBM: What’s next for Nolcha?

KERRY: We will continue to strive to support independent fashion designers and aim to remain “as a hot incubator of new fashion design talent” as dubbed by Forbes recently.

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