When a storm hits, people tend to get stranded with very little wardrobe preparation since they usually fall into two categories. 1) There are those that don’t know when one will hit as they are oblivious to the news around them. 2) There are those that underestimate the power of a hurricane and don’t fully prepare themselves for it!

This tends to hurt the fashion scene due to the fact that those left stranded don’t have a change of clothes and those whom are not prepared, don’t have clean clothes to last them several days due to a power outage. Recently Hurricane Sandy struck New York as well as regions surrounding. I must admit I fell into category 1. I felt I was being fed exaggerated news and it was just going to be a bit of rain and wind – BOY, was I wrong. I got stranded in NYC with a pair of boyfriend jeans, an oversized blouse, a blazer & boots. I had these 4 wardrobe pieces to last me 13 days.

This was one of those times when the statement: Caring Is Sharing, held truth to its message. My friend gave me several articles of clothing and due to her generosity as well as having learned in the past several years how to mix an match through the likes of Lucky as well as Glamour; I was golden!

I recently had the delight of speaking to a native Italian about what New Yorkers do when storm fashion calls and learned of an interesting fact I’d like to share with all of you! In Venice, citizens wear Acqua Alta. The boots cover the entire leg from the waist to the feet – pretty cool if you ask me!

I’d like to end the article speaking about a third category of people – those who are fully prepared & aware when a storm strikes, but unfortunately lose their home, belongings and a lot more due to natural disasters. I’m sure we all know someone who suffered tremendously due to Sandy or other storms that have come along in the past decade. This is when all of us should come together and help as best we can!

You may be saying to yourselves – “when in a tragic situation, one does not care about fashion”. However; I will contradict that thought as I am a true believer that when you look good, you feel good and sometimes when there is nothing left to do but deal with the cards you’ve been dealt, you may as well make the best of what’s left.

Therefore; here’s your assignment for the day:

  • Clean out your closets
  • Let go of things that you will no longer wear
  • Pack those things into a box
  • Go to http://www.recovers.org and find your local donation drop off clothes & personal belongings for storm victims
  • Donate & feel GREAT

Until next time, Stay Fashionable and remember: “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”.

Here are ways the Fashion Industry has already helped Hurricane Sandy: