A week ago, millions watched as Hurricane Sandy devastated the east coast, leaving many residents without power, heat, and even shelter. The Jersey Shore was one location that experienced almost unthinkable destruction. Seaside Heights was washed away and homes were buried in sand. The residents of New Jersey felt helpless and hopeless in the wake of the storm, but nonetheless came together in this time of need to truly show everyone across the country what it means to be a neighbor.

We heard tremendous stories over the past week of people helping each other out, aiding in the rebuilding and offering a lending hand in any way they could. Though it was the week before the 2012 presidential elections, there were no party divisions in New Jersey and New York following the storm. Politics were replaced with compassion, and in the wake of travesty, the true essence of human nature was revealed.

Bridal shop owner Gail Comerford of Mattawan is just one example of the lengths some will go to in order to help out a friend or even a stranger. Gail experienced much loss during Sandy, but says she wants to share the only things she does have in excess with those suffering the most from the storm. She has pledged to donate 1,000 wedding gowns to any brides about to walk down the aisle who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Comerford is accepting appointments via Facebook. She says she isn’t letting anyone pay for their gowns and instead hopes the blushing brides will accept the one thing she has to give.

For more information on Gail Comerford:

Website: http://www.truelovebridals.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/True-Love-Bridal/236438106463828