“If it’s not the food, it’s the artwork that makes this place Chicago.” Earl’s Kitchen + Bar Lincoln Park, GM Brad Bilick moved his entire life to the Windy City from Vancouver. Brad says he loves Chicago and was so excited to hear the Canadian franchise will have its first home in one of the best cities in the Midwest. After all Earl’s Kitchen have locations in Miami, DC and Denver. Brad said he even forgot how good the food was, he had taken a 5-month break from their gourmet. 

Now my city, Chi-City gets a taste of what Earl’s brings to Lincoln Park, closer to the West Loop. The team and their new crew celebrated their grand opening the evening of October 25th with wines, champagne and appetizers for those who RSVP’d.

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I approached this new city development and was in awe, the projection of the kitchen prep lit up the side wall, where you see an outside heated patio while live Jazz musicians honked their horns to smooth melodic rhythms.

Their staff was amazing! With a team of over 200 employees, I met with a few of Earl’s General Managers who were extremely friendly and open to telling me all about their new spot. Many employee’s said the same thing in regards to working there, “It feels like family.” I too felt the hospitality!

They served their signature Chicago menu items, from skirt steak to the sushi rolls. After a few bites, I knew this place is a one of a kind. It will surely fit in with the hip crowd Lincoln Park attracts. There’s a large bar and plenty of seating, also booths depending on the type of night.

Another special fact about their food is they taste test everything back in Canada for a final say, kitchen Chef Dan Legge advised. The skirt steak is a Chicago select and will only be served in Earl’s Kitchen+ Bar Lincoln Park which is Chef Legge’s favorite and I can second that. The steak was so flavorful, tender, and tasty…simply put cooked to perfection!

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Copy of IMG_5767With the decorative lighting, spacious setting, and funky artwork that incorporates Chicago’s locally known artist, Fresh, whose displays it fits right into Chicago. Hanging on the wall is a famous Jazz Musician, Muddy Waters portrait– If you look close enough you’ll notice his face consists of nothing but lyrics from his songs. Not to mention another custom piece by Earl’s Kitchen + Bar home Artist, Ricky, designed a display of trumpets which show a 3 second sound wave of “Hello Dolly.”

Earl’s Kitchen+Lincoln Park has created another hang out spot for the hipsters, with wine, beer, burgers, steak even sushi, all appetites are welcomed! They are a scratch kitchen and have over 86 sauces to choose from. Even their buns are freshly baked, starting at 5am daily, proof enough that this group of people is dedicated and passionate about their work.Copy of image14



The fireplace and couches made it so very cozy my first time and I definitely plan to bring a few friends to Earl’s a fun but sophisticated artsy atmosphere.  They designed it to be a part of the city and now it is. Located on 1538 N. Clybourn in Chicago, IL.


Welcome to Chicago Earl’s Kitchen + Bar Lincoln Park, Chicagoan foodies are happy to have you!

Check @EarlsLincoln out on TwitterInstagram find one near you on their website earlsrestaurants.com, if you’re lucky!


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