Destiny’s Child is releasing a new album! Beyoncé is really pulling all the stops. She’s determined to take over 2013. First the super bowl announcement, then the documentary, the album, and now the DC reunion. This is definitely big news.

Their new song ‘Nuclear’ was released earlier today. This is the first song the ladies recorded together since 2004, and fans are going crazy already. It’s within good reason too, because the song is dope. It has an old school 90’s R&B feel to it. The reunion announcement is perfect timing for the super bowl, since Destiny’s Child is back they’ll be joining Beyoncé in her performance.

The album is a compilation of all their love songs from past albums like ‘Emotions’ from ‘Survivor’ and ‘T-shirt’ from the 2004 album ‘Destiny Fulfilled’. ‘Love Songs’ is the name of the new album, and it’s being released January 29th.

This is Beyoncé’s first televised performance post preggers, and Destiny’s Child first performance together in almost 10 yrs. This is definitely the makings of an epic super bowl half time performance. February 3rd is going to be amazing. Plus we already know all of the songs.