There’s something about music the first time you listen to it that’s always so interesting. On one hand, you don’t know what to expect, but at the same time there’s a need for whatever it is you listen to to be worth your while. For the 31 minutes and 42 seconds that make up the debut LP Here We Go from New York City indie alternative artist Emily Forst, it’s everything anyone could ever ask for from any project. In fact, it exceeds it.

Consisting of 10 soul stirring, ear capturing and heart moving tracks that are reminiscent of the greats– Fiona Apple, Sarah McLaughlin and Sheryl Crow–Here We Go makes quite the impression. Why is that exactly? Honesty. Inspired by a breakup back in 2011–of 5 years–Forst really gives listeners an in-depth look into her mind and heart. Revelations of this magnitude make for really amazing songs driven by piano and guitar that pierce and can be heard in “Box of Lies”,  “Song I Never Wrote”,  “Sonic Boom” and “Here We Go”,  to name a few.

From start to finish, tragedy to triumph, and love to heartbreak, what Forst does is absolutely phenomenal. Here We Go is one heck of a debut project and it will be great to see where she goes next.

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