The album that so many people have been anticipating is finally out! The currently most loved band of 2013, Daft Punk, has released their newest album, Random Access Memories. After years of silence from the group, the noise is finally back. This album may take over the summer airwaves and it’s more different than what fans expected.

Every time an artist puts out a new album, they’re supposed to reinvent themselves a little.That’s exactly what Daft Punk did. This is not a dance album. We were looking forward to one, but this album is still amazing. It successfully recaptures their style, giving us just the opposite of what we wanted and coming up with another classic Daft Punk LP to add to the collection. There were lots of great collaborations: Pharrell from the Neptunes is featured on more than one track, and if you’re well versed in Neptunes’ beats you can easily catch which songs he produced.

This album has soul and with an uncommon 70’s vibe with a West Coast feel. The theme is about love and loosing yourself to music–it’s like being wrapped up in a blanket of goodness. These guys could easily be considered for album of the year, based on the fact that they gave their fans a complete 360° and we still love them!

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