From the City of Angels, multifaceted rapper, singer, and performer Brevi will be featured on her second EP, with the crew of Cross My Heart Hope To Die, on April 2nd through Alpha Pup Records, and it will be nothing short of an impressive hip hop record. Brevi has already been featured alongside 50 Cent, Young De, Ill Camille, and Damani, to name a few, though her latest release proves her to be an accomplished solo artist as well.

In 2010, she released her debut EP entitled Darker Days, with a powerful demonstration of her raw verse-slinging abilities. She is easy to identify with and speaks honestly about the struggles of relationships, poverty, and purpose. With Darker Days, she established herself as a rapper with emotional lyrics and confidence. “Everywhere That I Wander” and “These Days” stood out with her smooth and melodic delivery, together with the dense, and short-lived, dynamite of “You’d Better”. The EP sounds much like a debut normally sounds, a little rough around the edges, a little kink in the silver lining, but her attitude comes through with a confidence that demands respect. Without unnecessarily sheltering natural sensitivity with odes to material compensation, it’s just straight-up genuine poetry.

Listen to “These Days” off of Brevi’s Darker Days EP:


Set to release her latest EP, Brevi returns with a ferocity that continues to establish her vocal potential. For her second EP, she did all the right things, in proving that she can sing as well as rap, and in a rock-solid collaboration with DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill, House of Pain, Dizzee Rascal), producer Andrew Kline, and Sean Bonner.

With the femme-fatale groove of “Wild Side”, she channels a fullness of delivery reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, finally exploding into the musical realm with command. In all seriousness, this is a liberating, self-destructing explosion for Brevi that tentatively approaches Bond-intro quality in both lyrics and vocals. Miracles is a mess of electronic signals transcribing, “Everybody wants to go to heaven / but nobody wants to die / Everyone expects a miracle / but they make no sacrifice”. The crackling, grinding entry of the beats on “Lover” is perfectly matched to this L.A. artist’s attitude. She proves she’s part of the new wave of hip-hop, merging the smoky whispers of urban basement crawls with a surprising hint of equally smoky retro soul-jazz in her tone.

Akin to her L.A. roots, “spooky-rap” makes its presence known in “Roller Coasting”, which hovers as the truest anthem off the EP. Purring in with a similarity to the instrumentals of Portishead, Brevi’s fourth track presents yet another facet of her diversity. The melody is catchy and ominous enough enough to sit comfortably in your brain for several days. The last time something of the ilk was heard by Why Blue Matters was the memorable track “Mr. Sandman” by L.A.’s The Kleenrz. Maybe Alpha Pup Records has an affinity for noire hip hop beats, but regardless, Brevi handles it with a contagious charm. “This is not your average ride / Just sit back and free your mind / We roll with the windows open / We’re just roller coasting”. Now I’m just hoping for a collaboration between Brevi and the Kleenrz.


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