Fashion is everything it’s a part of who we are and what we do. I always say that fashion is art, because we as people are blank canvases, and what we wear is our art. It’s our way of expressing ourselves and showing other people who we are and how we feel through our own styles. Conrad Davis has the awesome ability to not just style himself, but others as well.

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WBM: Who is Conrad Davis?

CONRAD: I am human! Kidding. I’m a stylist first, amongst everything else I do.

WBM: Where are you from?

CONRAD: Rochester, NY.

WBM: Why does fashion matter?

CONRAD: Fashion matters because it is life… Fashion is Life. Everyday, whether we care or not, we are faced with the question, “What am I going to wear today?” Instead of this being a chore, I love the way that fashion influences this decision everyday. In result on your decision, you actually have a part of influencing fashion. So what you do with that decision, defines your style. Everyday, I enjoy watching these results. Whether I like them or not, It’s life! To me this predicts your mood for each day. If you look good, you’ll feel good.

WBM: How did you into styling?

CONRAD: I worked underneath a freelance designer for about 7 years now. Not to mentioned, I grew up surrounded with a family full of seamstresses. I also experimented; release a line of custom made ties in 2007. You need understand design in order to be an effective stylist. You need understand how things are cut and how garments fit. Once you understand design and fabrics, you have a platform to really be creative.

WBM: Who or what inspires you?

CONRAD: Color inspires me. Color gives an automatic mood. I love when people think that every color doesn’t go together. If you look at nature, you see every mixture of color there can be. That comparison by itself is inspiring. People inspire me. I think we all are wonderfully made and it amazes me how we all have our own perspective on the world. Even if similar, there will always be something different.

WBM: How long have you been in the fashion industry?

CONRAD: I’ve been in the industry, interning, freelancing for about 10 years.

WBM: Who would you consider your role model?

CONRAD: I admire the hustles of many designers. I really don’t have a specific role model. I love Marc Jacobs’s work ethic. He is my favorite designer. I love how he is very innovative with simplicity. I love Kanye West. He embodies a personal sense of style with a perfect blend of high fashion.

WBM: What’s your biggest accomplishment?

CONRAD: I have yet to reach that. I will say that in my short period of time in the industry, I have met a lot of inspiring people and learned a lot. I’m so passionate about the fashion industry I sucked up everything and experimented in everything I could. It brought me here to get into a market that has an opportunity for growth.

WBM: What’s your newest project?

CONRAD: Speaking of which, Currently, I am Founder of D.E.E.D.S., which stands for Defining the Exclusive Evolving Definition of Style Styling Agency and Consultant. This is an all male styling company.

WBM: When does the new collection come out?

CONRAD: 2013 has much in store! Currently, I’m working on a spring release for shoots.

WBM: What inspired your new designs?

CONRAD: I take trends and like to execute them, in my own way. I love paying attention to details.

WBM: Where can we find them?

CONRAD: I have an upcoming website, releasing this S/S 2013.

WBM: What does success mean to you?

CONRAD: Success is the result of self- competition. If you don’t better yourself, in the way you know best for you, you will never grow.

WBM: What would be your biggest achievement?

CONRAD: I would love to style power celebrities like Kanye West and Barbara Streisand in conjunction with Marc Jacobs on sweater line or something of the nature. My biggest achievement would be having DEEDS as known as GQ for a men’s fashion guide.

WBM: Name one thing that your fans should know about you?

CONRAD: It’s always Fashion over Favor. Meaning once you establish a background for style and fashion; it shouldn’t matter what people think of what you wear. No matter how simple the outfit is, always stand out. Always perfect your craft!

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FACEBOOK: /Conrad.kyiar