With today’s mobile devices evolving at the technology from cell phones to smartphones and even they way in which power and charge these devices has been affected. Whether you’ve used an oblong probe or micro USB to bring you device back from the dead or the 30-pin iPhone charger to the new lightning charger you’ve always been forced to put wear and tear on both the male and female parts of this necessary power couple that gives new life to your lifeline. Well, no more with companies like Touch Charge the archaic fumblings to find where to connect your charger in the dark, half-asleep or on a night where you enjoyed a little too much vino are becoming closer and closer to being distant memories with the use of wireless charging. You might be thinking what witchcraft is this, but as Touch Charge was so generous as to send me a set for my iPhone 6 gratis, there’s no witchery just good clean technological advancements (that are possibly powered by tiny Gandalfs inside the case and the base lol).

touch base case

Touch Charge Case

touch charge base

Touch Charge Base

Now, I will forewarn the ability to wirelessly charge is an untethered love between a specially created Touch Charge case that has a connector that fits nicely into the iPhone 6 port, and a corded Touch Charge base that does get plugged into your standard wall outlet (one doesn’t work without the other and pieces are sold separately). That doesn’t, however, change the fact that you won’t need to fiddle around to plug in your charger or put any unnecessary wear and tear on your ports or plugs with constant plugging & unplugging. Not only is the Touch Charge system convenient for quick charging set up, but it’s cool. Give it try!

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