When your faith is unwavering, limit to the things one can do are without restriction. Obstacle, setback, trial and all, the will of author and entrepreneur, Monica Carter won’t be broken. She in fact in the consummate example of the greatness that can be achieved even adversity can threaten the well being of one’s existence. So if there’s anything one can learn and become extremely inspired by is the message Monica has to share and the impact she makes on this planet.
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WBM: First impressions are everything. In a few words, who is Monica Carter?

Monica: woman of God, inspiring, joyous/happy, fashionable and perseveres!

WBM: How have your life experiences thus far brought you to where you are today?

Monica: My life experiences have matured me spiritually/personally, been humbling, made me more meek, given me more patience and has made me realize that in life trials and tribulations will come and when they do, I’m to rejoice in the midst of my trials. When we do this, God is able to move us to the next season in life! Most of all I’m grateful to have gone through those experiences, so I can be an example to men and women that if God did it for me, he can do it for them.

WBM: Have you become strengthened more in your faith?

Monica: Absolutely! As T.D.Jakes says, “your blessing is in your breaking.”. Without obstacles you faith can never be tested. Often times we want the blessings, without the trials, but if the blessings were just given to us, why would we need “faith”? Every challenge I have endured, I would have never thought I would have had the strength to ensure. In Deuteronomy 33:25 KJB….”as thy days, so shall thy strength be”. God never gives us more than we can handle and I’m amazed at the level of strength He has given me!

WBM: Congratulations on the release of your latest book. What does it mean to be Celibate fabulous and fearless?

Monica: thank you for the congrats. “celibate fabulous” is for women, meaning you can live for God, be fabulous and have values. “celibate fearless” is for men and they can still be manly and fearless and live for God. The cover of my book represents heavens pearly gates, mansion in heaven and the man and woman shoe is for the goal for men and women to walk through those pearly gates. My book is not only about celibacy, it’s about relationships, marriage, friendships, love, pain, humility,
tragedy in my life, dating, life lessons and so much more. Readers have said its juicy, page-turner and a self-help book! I’m excited for men and women to be drawn
closer to God through my life story and life experiences!

WBM: How has your book been received thus far?

Readers love I and say its a self-help book. I’m really excited that I have men engaging in this topic and they too want to live a more meaningful life and want a
woman with more values. I gave had a fee reviews where women have said they were suicidal before hearing me speak and reading my book, but now they are on fire for God and know that if he did it for me, he can do it for them! Readers love my YouTube Cinematic Book Trailer http://youtu.be/fWk8L3AtFEk, because it gets them excited to read “Celibate Fabulous & Fearless”!

WBM: Why does what you do matter?

Monica: I wish when I was growing up I met a Monica Carter. Not to be pretentious, but so often in life people act like their lives are so purposes, which in fact their marriage is a mess, their broken, hurting, suicidal and lost. My book is not a buttoned up story and I am very transparent about my life, because my goal is to heal, inspire and motivate men and women. People who meet me does not have a clue of what I been through, so that in itself is inspiring. My story matters, because its saving lives and encouraging others to not hide behind the wall, share your experiences, so you can help others get through their trials and tribulations as well.

WBM: Ultimately, how would you like to impact the planet with your efforts?

Monica: …to let everyone know that God is real. I know God is real because before I got shot my previous pastor gave me a prophecy that trouble was going to come no when it does, God says to call on Jesus. The reason for the trouble he said was because God wanted me to live right, which all I was doing was fornicating, so at that time I didn’t really see the big deal. That prophecy was on a Sunday and that Tuesday I was shot. My cinematic book trailer has an exert of that tragedy. So, my goal is to draw more men no women to God and inspire/encourage/motivate men and women in every way I can! This is my gift and passion!