With a mission that continuously keeps us seeking and delivering stories inspiration, there isn’t a day that goes by that we aren’t moved. Today in particular we bring you a story of a young entrepreneur who provides more personalization to already personalized mobile device taking the world by storm. His approach however, gives people the opportunity to introduce style to their iPhone in a really cool way.

Not even finished high school yet, Bryce Torres, CEO of Rap Armor has plans that would amaze the even the most seasoned of small businesses, and we would like to showcase what makes him and what he’s doing such a standout. Here in this interview, learn a little bit of how he got his start, what inspires him and what he has lined up next.

WBM: If you had to describe in a few words, what’s Rap Armor all about?

BRYCE: RapArmor is a vinyl wrap skin for your device to add a more customized look without detracting from its natural beauty.

WBM: When did the brand get its start?

BRYCE: I have always disliked cases and I also disliked having a phone that looked like everyone else’s. Well, because I refused to use a case, I smashed the back (I use an iPhone). The back then began to cut my hand so I used some left over vinyl tape from when my dad (he is the owner of Precision-Autowerks) wrapped a car to cover the shards of glass. From there, I decided to bring this idea to everyone.

WBM: What does style mean to you?

BRYCE: Style, to me, is a personalized look that stands out from the rest.

WBM: Why is Rap Armor so important?

BRYCE: RapArmor is important because it gives people a chance to stand out from the crowd to an extent. It lets people to show others a glimpse of their personality.

WBM: How has the customer feedback been so far?

BRYCE: Most of our customers have been very excited at how the look of their device turns out after applying the skin. The iPhone wraps tend to produce the most enthusiasm since there is so much one can do in customization with the front, sides, back, and even Apple logo.

WBM: Who/What inspires you?

BRYCE: This may seem unoriginal, but my dad. My dad came from nothing. He was raised in the Philippines by his grandparents till he was 8 and then moved to the U.S. to live with his parents. As a senior in high school, he left his abusive home and never returned. He put himself through college and bought a house and car upon marrying my mom at 21 years old. Since then, he has climbed the economic ladder and has raised four children, me being the second. On top of that, he donates much of his money to friends and family in need and donates his time to train my cross-country team. I look up to his focus and dedication and he is who I aspire to emulate.

WBM: Biggest accomplishment?

BRYCE: I would have to say RapArmor is my greatest achievement to date.

WBM: Define Success?

BRYCE: Success is doing what you live and doing it better than anyone else along with having great and fulfilling relationships.

Any plans for this year?

BRYCE: This year I will be graduating from high school and heading off to college. RapArmor plans to incorporate even more device wraps into our line-up, to introduce iPhone bumpers to the site, and bring out RapArmor apparel. We are also looking into updating our main design computer and programs. But we’ll need to bring in more funds before we can complete these goals.

How else would you like to impact this planet with your efforts?

BRYCE: I look to study Bio-Physics and Mechanical Engineering much like another person I look up to, Dr. Hugh Herr from MIT so I can help develop prosthetic limbs for those unfortunate enough to lose them or to be born without the. As a runner, I know how important movement is and I want to give it those who don’t have it.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

BRYCE: If you have a great idea, pursue it. That doesn’t necessarily mean to drop the job you have right away at first, but push your idea and get a feel for the market. It takes time and a lot of work to get your idea to take off so have patience and continue to give a full effort and eventually, it will pay off.

Rap Armor
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